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January 28 – February 3, 2018

Each week, Nic Hendrickson brings you Craft Beer Reviews from B.C. in B.C. Beer Reviews. This week’s two featured beers are both from Coal Harbour Brewing: The first being Market Saturation, the second being Smoke and Mirrors.

Market Saturation represents the craft beer market to perfection in an India Pale Ale. Smoke and Mirrors is a strong Imperial beer, leaving no room for coyness, only for memories.

B.C. Beer Reviews

B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Driftwood Brewery – Latus (2017)

B.C. Beer Reviews is back with another entry from Driftwood Brewery, this time being their 2017 edition of Latus, an American Wild Ale. Driftwood...

B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Yeast Van Collab – Double...

B.C. Beer Reviews is here to take a look at one of the most intriguing collaborations of this series. A location in East Vancouver...


The Counting Cards Gamble: 21 at 10

You may remember 21 (2008) as the movie that made all of your friends and their dads think they could take Vegas by storm counting cards. It's turning 10 this year, which makes now the perfect time to look back on the saga of Ben Campbell, card counter extraordinaire.

2018 Grammy Awards: Short on “It Factor”

The 60th Grammy Awards took place in New York City on January 28th. In this story, LWOS explores some of the highlights, including a performance by Kesha, along with the not-so-great "lowlights", like the snubbing of 2017's best selling song.

Whats trending in lifestyle, Hollywood, and music?

This week, writer Christina Reid brings a recap of the 2018 Grammys. The overall show was short on, “It,” factor. So where does that leave the awards? Read a detailed account of how the Grammys can improve.

Next, Austin Zook reminisces about the move 21; the card counting expose of MIT students who made anyone believe they could trick Vegas. As the movie is turning 10, how does it live up to the test of time?

James Cunningham then delivers a thrilling review of a 21st century political commentary. Look Who’s Back from Timur Vermes has been translated from German, but delivers thought provoking commentary that leaves everyone thinking from page to page.

For all of you collectors and sports fans, Gabe Weeden is back to discuss baseball cards and sports. Aptly before Super Bowl LII, Weeden discusses the sports card market and how you can buy, sell, or hold your collectibles at the right time.

Are you wanting to up your Super Bowl weekend? How about a road trip to Las Vegas? Bryan Oakley delivers the insight and necessary planning tips to make your weekend as fun, safe, and dynamic as possible.


‘Look Who’s Back?’ – Timur Vermes’ Apt 21st Century Political...

From the day of its original publication in Germany in 2013, Timur Vermes’ ‘Look Who’s Back’ (translated from the original title: ‘Er ist wieder da’) was going to ruffle some feathers. The novel combined to hitherto seldom-explored literary genres for German authors: political satire and Adolf Hitler.

Ballin on a Budget: Understanding the Sports Memorabilia Market

Collecting is not a profitable hobby, much like racing or restoring cars. But collectors are people too and like all people they like to save money and score good deals. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your wallet and collection full by understanding the sports memorabilia market.

Enhancing Super Bowl Weekend – Road Trip!

if you’re looking to up your game Super Bowl Weekend, I have two words for you: Road Trip! Many people hit the road every year to have their Super Bowl party somewhere other than at home. This can be either small or large groups of friends who decide to take the party on the road. The more the merrier!


The hottest discussion in technology, gaming, and esports.

The Overwatch League is continuing to pave a unique path in esports. Week three is underway and the true talent is starting to come to light. Catch up on what the recap of week two, the essential matchups of week three, and the meta storylines. Watch for a new league analysis each Sunday!

In gaming, Sean Garmer brings another riveting episode of Video Games 2 the Max for all of you podcast addicts! This week, the round table discusses the Nintendo Labo, DragonBall Fighter Z, and the new Xbox Game Pass!


Discussion on health, fitness, and recipes to keep your life fueled!

This week’s featured article is a Celebrity Chef Extravaganza. From Chef Jonathan Scinto to Cindy the Chilly Queen, this is the definitive guide for all of your Super Bowl Party planning needs! Six brilliant chefs to bring you the best of the best.

Health and Fitness

Super Bowl Celebrity Recipe Extravaganza

Last Word on Sports Life has talked to the best chefs and hosts in the world, bringing to you the official Super Bowl Celebrity Recipe Extravaganza. From mixology to chili more verbose than the defenses battling on the gridiron, this list of recipes will make any party host a celebrity themselves.

So You Want To Host A Super Bowl Party? Super Bowl...

After reading part one of "So You Want To Host a Super Bowl Party?", here is the second part of the two-part series. The Super Bowl recipe suggestions are not hard and will leave your guests asking "What's on the menu next year?"