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Beyoncé Joins Adidas to Relaunch Ivy Park

Entertainer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has signed a creative partnership deal with sports brand Adidas, Inc. to relaunch her athleisure apparel line, Ivy Park.

The Yankees Sign to Paris Agreements, Making a Monumental Environmental Statement

The Yankees agree to taking multiple steps toward “reducing overall climate impact,” including that of their own, partners, and fans.

Michael J. Fox’s Incredible Relationship with Parkinson’s Disease

At 57, Michael J. Fox deals everyday with Parkinson's Disease. Since his diagnosis in 1991, the disease has become a part of him and a big part of his life.

Mindfulness and the Lack of Rigorous Studies

Can meditation, especially mindfulness implement more rigorous studies? The latest reviews revealed that its research needs some adjustments in other to be a legitimate clinical approach and an accepted field for research.

The Football Muscles and How They’re Used

Have you ever wondered which muscles are needed when engaging when playing football? Look no further.