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Updated July 1, 2019

Food & Drink

Most of us are feeling the summer heat, but with that comes the perfect season for travel and barbeque! Our Grill Guy Bryan Oakley has you covered.

On his recent roadtrip to Kansas City, Bryan indulged in local offerings from restaurants and meat markets, and prepared the perfect baseball tailgate menu, including juicy sausages and mouth-watering sliders!

Bryan also teaches us about grilling cowboy-style with his how-to article on delicious beef short ribs–the meat you didn’t know would be so easy to serve on a sweltering summer afternoon.

The Road Trip To Kansas City: BBQ, Baseball, and Family Fun

The Road Trip To Kansas City was devised as a way to share family time, some incredible BBQ food, a baseball game complete with a tailgate party

Grilling Cowboy Style With Beef Ribs And More

Grilling Cowboy Style will feature an incredible option for your grill - the beef short rib. Beef short ribs come either bone-in or boneless.


10 Sequels That Are Better Than Their Originals

Toy Story 4 is the latest sequel in a beloved series with many great sequels, but what are the best-made sequels of all time?

New Child’s Play Falls Flat

The Child's Play franchis got a reboot, and even has Mark Hamill voicing the muerderous doll, Chucky. However, overall it just doesn't work.

What’s trending in gaming, film, television, and music?

Toy Story 4 is making waves already as the latest installment in our favorite childhood franchise! In its honor, Lukas Ridge reminds us of 10 sequel films that are better than their originals. Does the new Toy Story top the original?

Another franchise continues as well, but this one isn’t as kid-friendly. In fact, Ryan Hawks deems it not friendly for anyone. Chucky returns in Child’s Play, an attempt to revive the doll for a new audience.

Paul Zecharia is on a nostalgia kick these days, and asked his audience for their favorite non-Disney animated films. In his latest piece, he’s ranked the answers. Did your favorite make the list?

After a six-month hiatus, Red Velvet has finally released a new EP of music! K Pop correspondent Jack Wannan reviews their offering in his new article.

Top 20 Best Non-Disney Animated Films

How about some recognition to great animated films that weren't made by Disney or Pixar? We've got a list here for you! And you're not gonna agree with it!

‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 1 EP Brings Mixed Emotions – Album...

Red Velvet's latest mini-album 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1 had it's highs and lows. Let's look at what made this album good but not the best for the group.

Lifestyle + Life Science

Social media has its perks, for sure. Who doesn’t want to have a voice in this day and age? But with it comes added challenges regarding journalistic integrity and cyber attacking. Managing Editor Ryan Hawks spoke with CBS Sports correspondent and former Raiders CEO Amy Trask about how Twitter is changing the sports universe.

Emmanuel Rosado looks back at Henry Marsh’s Do No Harm, and recommends the book for the science fan’s summer reading list.

We all have our memories of high school football, but Hilton Head Island has special memories of the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive stud Poona Ford from way back when. Managing Editor Kata Stevens sits down with Poona and his high school football coach B.J. Payne as they discuss the community that created a future legend.

Amy Trask Talks Social Media in the Modern Sports Landscape

Amy Trask is one of the most established women in sports. She is also one of the most beloved people on Twitter. She talks about the the two subjects here.

Henry Marsh and His Tale of Doing No Harm

Henry Marsh in his masterful book gives us a glimpse of how death, triumph, and the perils of medicine have shaped his life through neurosurgery.

It Takes a Village: The Original Seahawks Behind Poona Ford

Poona Ford may be one of the deadliest studs of the Seattle Seahawks, but he'll never forget his upbringings on another Seahawks team; his high school's.