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Past, Present, and Future: How Older Employees Can Co-Exist With Millennials

“Age is just a number,” as the cliché goes. Different generations, like millennials and baby boomers alike, collaborate and co-exist in harmony now more than ever.

A recruitment agency no longer discriminates when it comes to age as opposed to past beliefs that some people are “too young” to contribute something with substance or someone is “too old” for these individuals to understand the present demands of the workforce.

Various industries have realized the potential of having different generations work together as one cohesive unit for them to achieve the best possible result when it comes to their work.

With that being said, it is important to know how to strike the perfect balance to achieve this high level of productivity. Understanding these differences and accentuating the best parts of them will lead to the best possible outcome. This is achieved by spreading awareness and showing respect for each other’s generational beliefs.

Who are the Different Generations in the Workplace?

Baby Boomers

Born between the years 1946 and 1964, Baby boomers are the oldest among these generations. They are considered more disciplined, focused, and, goal-centric. It must be said that these individuals were born at the time the world was just taking shape once again after the events of World War II which developed their sensibilities. Their drive to succeed is supposedly second to none because of the hardships they endured.

Generation X

Born between the years 1965-1980, these are the individuals who raised the Millennials of today and are setting up this batch of workers to take over when the time comes. This generation is the highest-revenue generator, thus far. They are more inclined to balance work and life and are the outspoken critical thinkers of the bunch.


Born between the years 1981-1996, this generation leans more towards the advancement of not only technology but beliefs. They are more independent and positive about their career paths. A Millennial’s goal is to climb up the ladder in the shortest amount possible. Work-life balance is very important to a Millennial. This generation tends to work smarter than harder, as they say.

How Can Older Employees And Millennials Co-Exist?

Respect is the key to all of this. Celebrating differences and honest communication tend to open up doors otherwise closed by generational gaps. As long as you respect one another and recognize what one has to offer then everyone will work harmoniously. The older generation can teach their unrelenting work-ethic and goal-centric ways while Millennials can exhibit how opening your mind to various ideologies and people can broaden one’s horizon.


Age is a thing of the past. However, it doesn’t mean the past can’t contribute to the future’s success. A wealth of experience from various points of view and walks of life can be largely beneficial to achieving a common goal. Respect plays a big factor in all of this and as long as one upholds a level of respect for one another then there is one thing left to do; execute.

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