It's a packed house on Video Games 2 the MAX, as Jens Dietrich and Randy Isbelle join Sean and Marc to mention their best games of 2020 so far, discuss potential new video game prices, and more.
In this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss the announcements from the EA Play 2020 event. How Star Wars: Squadrons has them excited. While Marc is really sour on Skate 4....
In May of 2018, New York Times columnist, Bari Weiss, penned an article about the “renegades of the web”, the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW). The term, coined by the mathematician, Eric Weinstein, encompassed the following individuals: psychologist, self-help author,...
Preventative action is more efficient than reactive action and is the case with the novel Coronavirus. Without a vaccine, and with testing limited, some say the best way to ward it off is through social distancing and adding Personal...
The April 2020 NPD sales numbers are crazy high, our favorite arcade games, the new Call of Duty is all about the Cold War, and more.
Sean, Marc, Randy, and Jens get together to talk about all things about the game, the story, and the future in this Final Fantasy VII Remake Spoilercast.
WWE 2K Battlegrounds received an announcement, Sean finished Final Fantasy VII Remake, Marc played Starcraft Ghost and discussing overrated consoles too.
Animal abuse meets entrepreneurial genius as Joe Exotic and Tiger King epically highlight questionable human behavior used to make a quick buck.
Watching window washers is like noticing how a spider expertly traverses its web. It’s incredible, yet the city keeps rushing along below.
A full cast is on board to discuss Resident Evil 3, the Cooking Mama Cookstar fiasco, Resident Evil 8 rumors, favorite Final Fantasy games and more.

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