Walking Again: How Neurotechnology Helped Three Individuals

A recent study published in Nature, titled "Targeted neurotechnology restores walking in humans with spinal cord injury", is challenging the notion of eternal paralyzation of the body.

Movember: The Month of Manly Facial Hair

Beards, mustaches, goatees, and everything else under the sun. November is the month of men, and facial hair. Not only to show manliness, but with a cause.

The American Bison: Comeback King of the North American Plains

The North American bison experienced a near-extinction event, only to bounce back from overhunting in one of the greatest comebacks ever.

A Ghost in Your Bedroom? How the Brain Creates Ghosts During Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis is a common disorder where the brain shuts down our body, from head to toe, during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase. This, as the famous neurologist V.S. Ramachandran explains, is done for us to not act out our dreams and potentially hurt ourselves.

Sometimes a Step Back Is the Only Way Forward

The word ‘backward’ is often associated with negativity. When managing a mental health illness, we need to reduce as much negativity from our lives...

The Definitive Gamer’s Workout Guide

Gaming and exercise might seem polar opposites, but you can burn calories whilst enjoying ranked games in your favorite MOBA or shooter game.

Scientists Connect Three Brains: Towards Telepathy?

By now, the news about a group of scientists in the University of Washington connecting three brains has exploded in every media outlet.
Dr. Oliver Sacks, the author of HALLUCINATIONS, speaks at Columbia University

The Phenomenona Known as Hallucinations

Oliver Sacks' writing and in-depth portrayal of complex neurological phenomena in a simpler depiction makes Hallucinations an amazing topic.

Can Consciousness Be Divided? A Debate Emerges

Many of us, when we think about consciousness, associate it with a sense of presence, a sense of being awake and aware, a unified...

A Star Is Born… Well, Reborn Once More

A Star is Born, the story of two artists desperately in love during the rise of one’s career and the fall of the other’s, is remade for the third time.