For the second year in a row, SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet attempted to land a buzzer-beater in the summer, releasing an album in mid-August.
Wrapping up the three days of KCON events in LA is the second concert at the Staples Center. With tons of big names, the second night is quite the lineup.
The first night of the KCON LA concerts takes place on Saturday at the Staples Center. Let's look at the lineup for the first night.
In a year and some change, CIRRRCLE have established a following as a hip-hop trio. CIRRCLE not only have a unique sound but also an intersting backstory.
K-pop girl group ITZY recently made a comeback with the EP "IT'z ICY." Let's look at the summer-themed five-song project from the group.
From athlete to writer, to entertainer, Genki Sudo has undergone numerous reinventions that have made him quite the renaissance man. Let's look at them.
The top K-pop rock band DAY6 came back in July with the EP "The Book of Us: Gravity." The single "Time of Our Life" and other songs are worth dissecting.
Welcome to “Getting .LIFE Together." This week, as Pride Month comes to a close, I talk about Lil Nas X publicly acknowledging his sexuality through a tweet and the amazing articles covered by LWOS.Life this week.
Red Velvet's latest mini-album 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1 had it's highs and lows. Let's look at what made this album good but not the best for the group.
The Glorious Sons are a chart-topping Canadian rock band from Kingston, Ontario. This weekend they brought their talents and unique sound to the Hamilton Golf and Country Club as they put on a show for their fans during the...

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