Passion for Dance Leads to Love and Success for Ron and La Toya Bedeau

Ron and La Toya Bedeau are two very accomplished dancers and choreographers. After meeting in 2001, the pair formed a friendship, which grew into a relationship, and ultimately marriage. Today,...

Stanislas Dehaene Demonstrates How We Learn

Stanislas Dehaene has written the best presentation card for Educational Neuroscience. His newest book dispels myths about the brain, education, and the new path for learning.

Xbox Games Showcase Thoughts

Sean Garmer and Randy Isbelle discuss everything from the Xbox Games Showcase on this special episode of Video Games 2 the MAX.

Marnie and Rena Schwartz Teaching Next Generation Through Dance

A teacher can be described as a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence, or virtue. Informally, the role of a teacher can be taken on by anyone. Identical...

Far Cry 6, Ubisoft Forward, Retro Backwards Compatibility

Ubisoft is a huge focus of this episode, as Sean and Marc discuss the Ubisoft Forward event, which included a Far Cry 6 reveal, and much more.

Chicken Leg Quarters Great On The Grill

Grilling Chicken Leg Quarters provides one of the tastiest cuts of chicken to be found at a BBQ. They are readily available and are usually on sale