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Burnout: Unconventional Ways to Avoid It

Burnout is a phenomenon everyone has experienced at some point in their lives. Whether you’re a student or a working adult, we all get tired sometimes. You may have heard of all the typical ways to unwind, like watching television, engaging in activities you love doing, yoga, meditation, etc.

While some of these ways are helpful, some of you may still, even when these doing things, can’t reduce your feelings of tiredness. Fortunately, we’ve come up with less-than-traditional ways of combatting burnout that may help you eliminate that lingering lethargic feeling.

Here are some unconventional ways you may never have thought of doing to get rid of your burnout.

Unorthodox Strategies to Decrease Burnout

Sensory stimulation

Exploring sensory experiences can help shift focus away from stressors. Using sensory objects like stress balls, fidget spinners, or kinetic sand can provide a tactile release. Additionally, aromatherapy using essential oils, listening to soothing music, or experimenting with binaural beats can help induce relaxation.

Laughter therapy

As the old saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine,” and that includes reducing burnout. You may do laughter therapy by watching stand-up comedy shows, attending yoga classes, or practicing laughter exercises. These activities can release endorphins AKA the “happy hormone,” helping boost your mood, and alleviate stress.

Artistic expression

Doing creative activities can serve as a form of self-expression and stress relief. Painting, drawing, writing, playing a musical instrument, or exploring other forms of art can provide a much-needed outlet for emotions and help reduce burnout.

Nature immersion

Spending time in nature has been shown to have a restorative effect on mental health. Unplugging technology and immersing yourself in your natural surroundings can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Activities like forest bathing, hiking, or simply finding a peaceful spot outdoors can provide an opportunity to unwind.

Mindfulness Gaming

Combining the benefits of gaming and mindfulness can create a unique approach to stress reduction. Mindful gaming involves playing video games designed to promote relaxation, focus, and self-awareness. These games often incorporate meditation exercises or calming environments to help players unwind.

Radical Sabbaticals

While traditional vacations provide temporary relief, taking an extended break through a radical sabbatical can transform burnout. This involves taking significant time off work to pursue personal passions, travel, learn new skills, or engage in self-reflection.

Such breaks can offer fresh perspectives and recharge mental and emotional energy.

Social connection experiments

Strengthening social connections is crucial for combating burnout. Engaging in unconventional social experiments such as joining a meetup group related to an unrelated interest, organizing a themed dinner party, or initiating random acts of kindness can help foster meaningful connections and alleviate burnout.

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