Best PC Games to Play on Christmas Day 2023

The Best PC Games to Play on Christmas Day 2023

Christmas, the most highly anticipated day of the year is upon us once more. It’s that time where we get to bond with our friends and family members, have fun, and share laughs over the dinner table. The Christmas season features a host of events, one of which is gaming. Participating in this form of entertainment on Christmas day has become a popular tradition for many individuals and families. It has especially seen an increase in numbers with the rise of online casinos that provide exciting promotions like bonus Parimatch. Playing multiplayer games with loved ones fosters a sense of togetherness and friendly competition, so what better day to do that than Christmas day.

The holiday season provides an opportunity for extended gaming sessions, which you can utilize to clear your backlog. This can be a satisfying way to conclude the year as you reflect on your gaming achievements.

If you’ve been wondering what activities to do this season, you can check out our list of some of the best PC games you can play.

Best PC Games at Christmas

The Best PC Games to Play on Christmas Day 2023  2
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Best PC Games: Gritty Fantasy with Elden Ring
Do you enjoy challenging gameplay, rich lore and dark fantasy? If yes, Elden Ring is the perfect choice for you. It is known for its challenging combat and intricate level design. Elden Ring promises a unique and immersive holiday gaming experience for you with its gritty atmosphere. The game features a vast and immersive open world that sets it apart in the action RPG genre. Hence, the positive reception and universal acclaim it has received is not surprising. Some key aspects of it’s epic open world adventure includes:

  • Freedom to explore the vast and interconnected open world at your own pace.
  • Mounts that not only serve as a means of transportation but also play a role in combat.
  • Placement and strength of enemies changes based on the time of the day and your progression.
  • You can summon spirits to aid you in battle.

The time it takes to complete the main story of the game varies based on individual play styles, familiarity with similar games and how much you decide to explore. But, to give an approximate time, each category might take the following time:

  • If you mainly focus on the goal; the main story in this case, you could use roughly 40 to 60 hours to complete it.
  • If you’re the type that wants to enjoy the full package, It might take you 80 hours or more to experience all the game has to offer.
  • If you’re already familiar with FromSoftware’s style of gameplay, you may progress more quickly. 
  • For a newcomer to this action RPG style, more time might be needed.

Detective Work in Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a narrative-driven role-playing game (RPG). It utilizes an isometric view to present the environment and characters from a slightly elevated angle, giving you a unique and more detailed perspective. This is especially crucial as the game involves doing detective work to solve a murder case, hence the need to be able to uncover hidden areas.

The goal here is not only to solve the murder mystery but also to battle with loss of identity as the detective has no memory of the past. Each choice you make throughout the game gradually unveils the detective’s backstory. Having received numerous awards for its groundbreaking approach to RPG writing, Disco Elysium is a benchmark for narrative excellence. If you’re looking to develop a new RPG title, you can take a cue from the game.

The Witcher 3: A Timeless Masterpiece

The Witcher is one action role-playing game that has an enduring appeal. This can be attributed to the following characteristics: 

  • Players can discover new locations, encounter various creatures, and engage in numerous side quests, making it a never boring adventure.
  • Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist, undergoes significant character development throughout the game and is hence, never stale 
  • Its meticulous design of characters, environments, and monsters continues to impress even as technology advances.
  • New storylines, characters, and areas to explore are added from time to time.

The CD Projekt team showed their commitment to coming up with the best for their users with the Next Gen update. In this version, we see a more modern look and higher resolution graphics. Also, console players can now access player-created mods directly in the game. The following are some Witcher 3 mods that enhance your gaming experience:

  • HD Reworked Project
  • Witcher 3 Enhanced edition
  • Friendly meditation
  • Real Witcher eyes
  • Auto Apply oils

Playing this game is one sure way by which you can extend the holiday spirit even after the festivities. So, let Geralt of Rivia guide you through a post-christmas adventure in the world of the Witcher!

Space Epic with Mass Effect Legendary Edition

BioWare created magic with the mass effect trilogy. But instead of stopping there, they’re back again with its remastered collection. Set in a rich and expansive sci-fi universe, the game weaves an epic narrative where players take on the role of Commander Shepard as he navigates a galaxy on the brink of interstellar war.

This edition features visual and performance upgrades in 4k including improved character modes, textures and lighting. Beyond just that, we see updated combat mechanics, enhanced RPG elements. and rebalanced boss fights. Due to these amazing upgrades, the Deputy Guides Editor, Jen just had to acknowledge the remaster’s appeal.

Social Deduction With Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction game where players work together to complete tasks on a spaceship. One key feature it has is that it allows players using different platforms to join the same game and interact with each other. Hence, you can play together with your family.

Among Us is relatively easy to understand and therefore accessible for a wide range of players. It caters to those who may not typically engage in this activity but are just looking for a light-hearted gaming experience. Among Us doesn’t have specific Christmas mechanics, but you can bring the fun to the game by choosing holiday themed outfits for your characters.


Don’t miss out on the fun this season has to offer. Check out any of these games and be ready for an amazing Christmas adventure.

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