Produce X 101 Episode One

PRODUCE X 101 Episode One: Unleash The X

PRODUCE X 101 has finally begun! If you aren't able to see the show or just want a recap of the first episode, this is for you.
Zeno of the Beta Star

Zeno of the Beta Star’s Arrival Shows FFBE Players Need to Cut Gumi Some...

Zeno of the Beta Star is the latest Global Exclusive unit in FFBE that is pushing the game further away from its Japanese counterpart managed by Alim.

The Day that New Orleans Journalism Died: The Story of the Times-Picayune

The Times-Picayune will end after 182 years of coverage in the city of New Orleans. This changes the future of sports and news forever.

Oliver Sacks Has Everything In Its Place

Oliver Sacks' last book, Everything In Its Place, delivers a heartfelt goodbye and a much-needed collection of writings that represents his voracious appetite for knowledge.

Seeing BLACKPINK Live Rocked My World – Concert Review

BLACKPINK recently came to Hamilton, Ontario as a part of their world tour. Let's recount what the experience was like, from the music to the merch.