Todd Phillips

Todd Phillips’ “Joker” Pushes the Limits of Reality

Todd Phillips put an entirely new twist on the story of the Joker. He succeeds in putting having his viewers question what is real and what isn't.

“Joker” Deserves Praise; Not Admiration

Joker broke box office records, but does it deserve the hype surrounding it? Praise the movie for what it is, but hold on to your Best Picture votes.
Tom Brady showed Chris Long how to be an underdog

Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, and Being a Successful Underdog in the NFL

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown both started their career as underdogs. However, Brady has continued to thrive on the label, whereas Brown imploded.
apple tv plus

Apple TV Plus: Launch Date, Pricing and Everything Else You Need to Know

All that's going on with Apple's brand new ad-free streaming service, Apple TV Plus. Announced during Apple's iPhone 11 launch event.

Bolbbalgan4 Sees Drastic Concept Change In “Two Five” – Album Review

Bolbbalgan4 recently made a comeback with the EP "Two Five." The six-track mini-album saw a drastic change in style for the duo.