Kate Winslet at TIFF

A Modified TIFF Set to Go Ahead

Film enthusiasts will be pleased to know that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Toronto International Film Festival – known in short as TIFF –...

Remote Education, Technology, and the Social Brain

Remote education tore down the futuristic utopias of AI taking over the job of teachers. One would argue that it's because of how our social brain is designed.

Halo Infinite Delayed And Fall Guys

Sean and Marc discuss the big news concerning the Halo Infinite delay, playing Fall Guys, and what's left for Xbox Series X at launch.

Passion for Dance Leads to Love and Success for Ron and La Toya Bedeau

Ron and La Toya Bedeau are two very accomplished dancers and choreographers. After meeting in 2001, the pair formed a friendship, which grew into...

Stanislas Dehaene Demonstrates How We Learn

Stanislas Dehaene has written the best presentation card for Educational Neuroscience. His newest book dispels myths about the brain, education, and the new path for learning.