Zeno of the Beta Star

Zeno of the Beta Star’s Arrival Shows FFBE Players Need to Cut Gumi Some Slack

Zeno of the Beta Star is the latest Global Exclusive unit in FFBE that is pushing the game further away from its Japanese counterpart managed by Alim.

Welcome Back PPMD: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Welcome Back PPMD! One of the "Five Gods" of Melee, Kevin Nanney was forced into a hiatus due to health issues. Now he has returned, and we are all excited!

Gumi Needs to Make Things Right with the FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Community

The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius community was rocked during their latest Global Exclusive event that saw last minute changes and misplaced blame by Gumi.

FFBE Evasion Unit Reprieve: Superlatives

FFBE Evade Units are some of the more useful characters in the game. Many players find creative ways to build them, so here are some creative superlatives.


In the latest Center Stage interview, we get to know Kendelle Chaimungkla, a Universal Studios performer and Twitch streamer! Read all about it here!

HEARTHSTONE Expansion: Rise of Shadows!

So long the Year of the Raven! Hello Year of the Dragon! Hearthstone's newest expansion, Rise of Shadows, is here to ring in the new year.