Xbox Streaming

Video Games 2 the MAX: Xbox Streaming Console, SDCC 2018, James Gunn Fired

A lot came out of San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Sean and Marc discuss the news, their favorite trailers, some controversies, a Xbox streaming console, and more.
Octopath Traveler

Video Games 2 the MAX: Octopath Traveler, Mega Man X Legacy Collection, No Man’s Sky

After an unintended time off, Sean and Marc return discussing Mega Man X Legacy Collection, Octopath Traveler, No Man's Sky NEXT, and much more.

From Troll to Top: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Units Who Shine after Enhancements

Not all 5* Final Fantasy Brave Exvius units are created equal. Some are simply trolls. A few however, are lucky to find redemption through enhancements.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Community Meetup: Notes from an Attendee

When the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Community Meetup was announced in San Diego, many jumped at the opportunity to attend. The event did not disappoint.

Resurrection of the Darkin Blade: Thoughts from an Aatrox Main

Once a noble god warrior, he soon became trapped within his own blade. Now, he wages war against all life on Runeterra. Aatrox craves nothing but oblivion.

Hearthstone’s Next Set Revealed: The Boomsday Project!

Hearthstone is about to get explosive, but with a scientific twist. The Boomsday Project is heading to the beloved card game, and it's going to be awesome.