Napoli Milionaria!: A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

Stratford's Napoli Milionaria! doesn't have enough laughs to call itself a comedy, even with the talent displayed on the stage.

The Rocky Horror Show: Stratford Lets Its Hair Down… And Then Has Sex With...

Stratford's production of 'The Rocky Horror Show' is a riot, and an excellent introduction to the classic musical as a stage production.

Get Away From it All

Sometimes we can feel pressured and that affects our mental health. It can be a good idea to just get Away from it all. So what does that really mean?

Never Ignore Someone Considering Suicide

Suicide: Never ignore the words, "I cannot go on," because the one time you do might be the time when you put someone's life at risk.

An Ideal Husband: Stratford’s Answer to the #MeToo Movement

'An Ideal Husband' presents a story of men hiding their past, but how does that hold up in the #MeToo era? Stratford Shakespeare Festival explores.