Bill Hayes and New York in Times of Pandemics

Bill Hayes has been taking stunning pictures of New York during the pandemic. His new book is an extension of such pictures.

Communism and Barbarism: The Choices of Slavoj Zizek 

Slavoj Zizek swims against the current and proposes a new way to look at the future of the Pandemic.

Can the Internet Save Us After This Pandemic?

Can the internet save us? In his book on the Pandemic, David Eagleman argues that the future will need the strength of the internet.
COVID Pandemic Schools

Remote Education, Technology, and the Social Brain

Remote education tore down the futuristic utopias of AI taking over the job of teachers. One would argue that it's because of how our social brain is designed.

Stanislas Dehaene Demonstrates How We Learn

Stanislas Dehaene has written the best presentation card for Educational Neuroscience. His newest book dispels myths about the brain, education, and the new path for learning.