James Bond Revisited: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – The Best Bond Film You...

On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the first Bond film with Sean Connery, but it is also one of the very best films in the franchise.
1917 Best Picture

This is How I Win, 1917 Best Picture Bid

Howard Ratner utters this memorable phrase in the late stages of Uncut Gems in a scene where he is explaining his game to costar Kevin Garnett. "This is how I win KG" Adam Sandler delivers this...

James Bond Revisited: You Only Live Twice – Bond’s Most Insane Adventure Yet

You Only Live Twice is next adventure after the sinking Thunderball. Does the film get James Bond back on track or does it continue the losing streak?

Amazon’s The Report: Torture Through Positive Psychology

An Amazon Prime movie, The Report touches on a dark moment in recent US history. What's more troubling, is the role that psychology had during this episode. 

James Bond Revisited: Thunderball – Bond Makes A Splash (and Sinks)

Thunderball is the fourth film in the highly-successful James Bond franchise, but does this latest entry keep the winning streak alive or does it sink?