PRODUCE 48 Episode 12 Finale: IZONE Is Formed

After 12 weeks of competition Produce 48 has finally found it’s debuting group, which will go by the name of IZONE. Get the full recap here.

PRODUCE 48 Episode 11: 20 Left, 12 To Survive

Last week was the second-last episode of Produce 48, as well as it was the second-most crucial one. The final 20 trainees who would...

Who is America: Laugh, Cry, Cringe?

Sacha Baron Cohen's new SHOWtime prank show, Who is America, paints a disturbing and critical picture of America. But is it helping?

The Misery of Fandom, Part I

In an age run by the Internet, an issue as complex as the dark side of fandom needs to be examined. This is only the first part.

PRODUCE 48 Episode 10: Concept Evaluations

It’s the long stretch for the remaining 30 Produce 48 contestants. After the concept evaluation wrapped up this week, the remaining 20 who survive...