EA Buys Respawn

Video Games 2 the MAX: EA Buys Respawn, Telltale Layoffs, Disney’s Interest in FOX

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss a variety of things on the gaming and entertainment front.

The podcast begins with Marc giving more thoughts on both Assassin’s Creed Origins and Call of Duty WWII now that he’s finished both games. He talks some of the end game things in AC Origins. While with COD WWII he talks Nazi Zombies, the objectives and how unauthentic the game is about the war it’s covering. The guys also discuss the sales doubling for both games, over their predecessors.

After that, they get into the news. EA buys Respawn, and subsequently announces Titanfall 3. Is there a possibility they wind up like Visceral Games in five years? Will a Titanfall 3 succeed? And they talk the Respawn Star Wars game too.

There’s also sad news about layoffs at Telltale. But really get them to improve the engine? And could it effect any of their unreleased titles? Sean talks the news from the Xenoblade 2 direct and how excited he is for the game.

Plus, what do they make about the announcement from Take-Two about “all their games having microtransactions.” Not to mention, they talk all the rumors about Disney wanting to buy FOX TV and film properties. The announcement of a new Star Wars trilogy and live action TV show too.

The guys end things discussing the new releases coming out next week.

Video Games 2 the MAX: EA Buys Respawn, Telltale Layoffs, Disney’s Interest in FOX

About Video Games 2 the MAX

A podcast where Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison get together to talk about everything involving Video Games. Every week, we discuss what we are playing, games we are reviewing, the gaming news of the week, and just have some fun talking about some random things like Doctor Who, movies, TV shows, anime, and more. You can listen to the podcast right here, or on I-Tunes, Stitcher, Tune-In Radio, on Youtube (Via W2M Network Channel), and more. You can also follow each of the guys individually on twitter @W2MSean, @humanityplague, or the entire network @W2MNetwork

Sean Garmer

Sean Garmer has a long history with Video Games. He started his love of games watching his brother play Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System. His first system was the Super Nintendo and he literally spent days at a time playing Super Mario World. He later fell in love with Pokemon for the Gameboy and thus his Japanese RPG fandom was born. Sean has channeled that love of games into reviewing them. Not only that, he also analyzes the games industry on the Video Games 2 the MAX podcast, and writing about it on various sites. Sean pretty much plays any kind of game nowadays, but he still prefers his love the JRPG.

Marc Morrison

Marc Morrison brings years of experience writing about games and of course playing them. He currently writes a Top 8 column every week at 411mania and also reviews games as well. Marc plays different kinds of games and he takes analyzing games to heart. Marc is also a big fan of the classics and collecting games. He’s constantly looking for deals whether it is at the local flea market, on Steam, or another digital network. Marc also brings a practical look at the Entertainment realm and is happy to spend time talking Doctor Who or another TV show.

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