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B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Steel & Oak Brewing – Weekend Plans

If you do not have plans for the upcoming weekend then Steel & Oak Brewing is here to make them for you. Steel & Oak’s Weekend Plans is a peach tart pale ale, something that is bound to please many palates of all different interests. B.C. Beer Reviews is here today to have a taste of what sounds like a very tasty brew.

B.C. Beer Reviews: Steel & Oak Brewing – Weekend Plans


This beer pours a translucent and light straw colour from the can. In the glass the clarity diminishes a bit, becoming a more cloudy golden-straw colour. This beer is the middle ground of a Pale Ale and a kettle sour in its SRM.


The aromatics of this beer are started off like many kettle sours with a very present tart aroma to it. It does not shy away from being called a tart ale, and it gives you a good idea as to what to expect upon taking your first sip.

As for the peach, it is a light aroma in this brew but is not at all strong. It is more of a peripheral note in the aromatics. This is not a bad thing, rather it adds a nice layer of complexity to this beer that many kettle soured beers lack.

There is a light aroma from the malt/grain bill used presented in a sweetness, but not much else. This beer pretty well sticks to the sour aspect with a dash of peach in there to entice you into taking your first drink.

Tasting Notes

As expected from the aromatics, this beer hits you immediately with a moderately high level of tartness. It is not enough to be face puckering, but it is hard to deny as the foremost note on your palate. This sticks around on your palate for quite some time, diminishing slightly as it goes.

As it was in the aromatics, the peach note is in the back seat to the tartness. However, unlike the aromatics, the peach is much more pronounced on your palate, especially after the tartness begins to dissipate. This is certainly the part of the beer where the peach is showcased nicely.

There is a fair amount of body to this beer and a bit of a residual sweetness from the malt/grain bill. This helps to keep this beer from being a one-dimensional kettle sour, which most beers of this style tend to be.

Other Notes

The labeling/branding is simplistic yet noticeable. There are big bold red and peach coloured letters floating across a plain white label. In the middle of all of the chaotic randomness of lettering are the Steel & Oak Brewing logo and the name and style of the beer.

This beer pours a moderate head, but the retention is as insignificant as it gets. This is a common characteristic of the style, so there is nothing wrong in this regard and should not be held against the quality of this beer.

There is a fairly high level of carbonation to this beer, as there should be for the style. It adds a nice crisp finish to this tart and slightly sweet beer. This is a very nice finishing touch.

Surprisingly enough, there is a light layer of lacing. Thin lines of lacing are all over the glass, but nothing to be considered at all above average. Regardless, it is a fair amount for the style.

Final Grade

As is the case with this style, the aromatics are fairly simplistic and straightforward. The tasting notes are of a fairly tart beer with a nice level of peach and a light sweetness on the finish to go along with a crisp finish from the carbonation. This beer is well done and is a good representation that not all kettle sours are just indistinct tart beers.

Grade: 8.0/10

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Main photo by Nic Hendrickson, Lastword Inc., all rights reserved

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