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B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Brassneck Brewing – Bjorn Again

If there is one brewery that can be pointed to for creativity and being innovative in B.C., it would have to be Brassneck Brewing. Not only are there names and branding distinctive, but the beers they put in your glass, cans and growlers are as well. Let’s take a look at yet another interesting brew from Brassneck.

B.C. Beer Reviews: Brassneck Brewing – Bjorn Again


Pours a light golden straw colour from the can. In the glass, it is a colour somewhere in between gold and copper. It matches up nicely with what you would expect from a typical farmhouse ale in regards to SRM.


There is a strong note of freshly cut apples to this beer. You get the aromatics of the inside of the Apple rather than the skin of it. This is very likely a byproduct of the Norwegian Kweik (pronounced quake) yeast used for this beer.

Aside from the strong aroma from the interesting and not so well-known yeast, there is only the malt/grain bill present here. You get a nice aroma of honey and a touch of caramel even in behind the yeast notes.

There are no perceivable hop aromatics in this beer.

Tasting Notes

This beer is one heck of a rollercoaster ride on your palate. You get the immediate apple notes from the yeast, quickly followed up by the light honey and even white bread notes of the malt/grain bill and it is finished off by the apple notes once again.

Once again, much like in the aromatics, there are no perceivable hop notes to mention here. This beer is certainly not for the hopheads out there.

Another note to mention is the dry finish this beer has. It is almost like the dry finish you can get from yeasts that have not flocculated out of solution, but without the unpleasant drying bite that they can have on your palate.

Other Notes

Brassneck Brewing keeps it simple with their branding/labeling. They have their name in big, bold letters multiple times in behind a coloured blotch with the name, style and ABV of the respective beer. On the back side of the can is a random picture of something in their brewery, this time being their beer lines in black and white.

This beer initially has a massive head to it. While it does not immediately dissipate, it certainly does not stick around for long.

Final Grade

This new Kweik yeast has certainly got some interesting notes to it, and it definitely lends itself to the style of farmhouse ales and Saisons. The apple note from the yeast in the aromatics and in the tasting notes is very pleasant. The malt/grain bill giving off notes of honey, white bread and even light notes of caramel go along nicely with the yeast characteristics.

Grade: 8.2/10

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Main photo by Nic Hendrickson, Lastword Inc., all rights reserved

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