League of Legends Worlds 2018: A Preemptive Look

It is that time of the year again folks. Late summer to fall is the time of championships for many competitive video games. Especially, for esports. Finally, the biggest esport in the world has begun their biggest tournament of the year. The League of Legends Worlds Championship of 2018 is in full swing, and only hype matches can be expected. League of Legends pro teams from all over the world are gathering in South Korea to compete for the coveted trophy.

This season, the community has witnessed massive gameplay changes. Everything from the slew of champion VGU’s, jungle and ADC changes, the introduction of new champions like Pyke and Kai’Sa, etc. Season 8 has been a rollercoaster indeed.

From the United States to China, Turkey to Brazil, all qualified teams will be out for blood this tournament.

In addition to the title of “world champions,” Riot Games will also have the pleasure of making team-based skins of the winning team.

Teams to Watch Out For:

RNG – Quite honestly, a huge contender to win worlds this year. In past tournaments, they have proven to give great performances and scary demonstrations of their League prowess. No contest, their jungler, MXLG, is hands down the best jungler in the world. Along with Uzi, one of the best bot laners as of now, RNG will be a tough obstacle for other teams to overcome.

Cloud9 – One of the bigger favorites from the United States, Cloud9 has achieved gradual progress over the recent years. While they have lost key players in recent months, they have a secret weapon: Sneaky. He can rock the Kai’Sa like none other and can stomp hard. Other players like Licorice and Svenskeren have proven to be useful with their team comp organizations.

Team Liquid – Another fan favorite from the United States, they are another team to be fully stacked with skill and intelligence. With famous players like Doublelift, Impact, and Xmithie, how can they not dominate? Fingers crossed that a team from North America can dominate this time around.

G-Rexes – Quite possibly one of the best rookie teams this year. Hailing from Taiwan, G-Rex is a team to not be overlooked. While brushed off at first, their teamfight and playstyle is more savage than a fed Rengar. Emerging victorious with a clean record from their group, G-Rex is not to be trifled with. They are here, they will dominate, just deal with it.

Champions to Watch Out For:

Aatrox, Urgot, Sion –

These three top-laners are ultra-dominant this meta. A Darkin swordmaster and two Noxian monstrosities, these titans have one thing in common: their laning phase. All three have incredible laning phases in which they can harass their opponents, safely farm and push out lanes. These benefits are coupled with the fact that it makes it hard for the opponent to counter-attack. Trading blows will be hard to accomplish against these champions.

Kai’Sa – a human warrior from the Void, Kai’Sa is definitely one of the most dominant marksmen this season. Deadly, sleek and streamlined, her mixed damage output is bonkers and can eliminate her prey in an instant. Her mixed damage output has proven to be useful this meta against numerous champions. She has enough tools succeed in both solo duels and team fights.

Irelia – League’s very own Ionian blademaster has definitely made her mark on the competitive scene. Able to deal amazing loads of damage over time, she is quick, fierce and useful. Irelia has proven to be rewarding towards players who understand her, and Irelia will continue to rule both top and mid lane.

Skarner – Lowkey, Skarner is one of the most underestimated champions in the game. Powerful, and an incredible duelist, Skarner is an effective jungler who can clear camps and secure objectives. While Skarner does take time to get going, he can be a useful multi-tool when properly executed. Skarner can excel in gameplay performance when players know how to abuse him.

Leblanc – Leblanc has been the victim of balance problems for almost forever. However, the great thing about her is how players always re-invent playstyles for Leblanc. An assassin with mage qualities, Leblanc has seen so many different playstyles and metas, but she has stood through them, thick and thin. Coupled with the fact that she can 0-100 most champions is a quality you cannot look over.

Alistar – While Alistar is one of the oldest champions in the game, he has stood the test of time as being one of the most consistent champions ever. A beefy support, Alistar’s arsenal of crowd-control and damage can determine the outcome of a battle. Like a brick wall, nothing can knock down Alistar. He can heal, knock-up, knock away and deal damage. He has the package. Alistar is, in fact, in every sense of the word, a simple, yet effective champion.

Honorable mentions: Akali, Ryze, Lee Sin, Elise and Olaf. And, of course, Viktor. He will forever make an appearance at all future tournament appearances. Always has, always will.

Final Predictions:

Hopefully, Aatrox will continue bloodshed on the rift. As for the team to win this tournament? Hopefully, a team from North America, have to represent. Other top picks to win would be a majority of the Chinese teams, such as RNG and EDward Gaming. Special shoutout to G-Rex, they will stomp, crush and roar their way to the top.

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