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B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Coast Mountain Brewing – Alpine Wildflower Saison

A relative newcomer to the Sea to Sky region of British Columbia has come together with a well-established brewery in the lower mainland to create an interesting Saison. Coast Mountain Brewing and Steel & Oak have collaborated to produce their Alpine Wildflower Saison. B.C. Beer Reviews is always down to try a new collaboration, and this one sounds delicious.

B.C. Beer Reviews: Coast Mountain Brewing – Alpine Wildflower Saison


This brew pours a pale golden-straw colour from the can. In the glass it remains the same colour, generally trending towards straw in colour. It is not completely opaque, but their is a definite haze to this beer.


There is a sweet and floral aromatic to this beer. Given the character that Saison yeasts can put off and this being a wildflower Saison, that is not at all surprising. It is light enough to not be overpowering and is therefore and extremely pleasant aroma.

There is also a lightly sweet and honey-like aroma to this beer. This is very likely a product of the malt/grain bill used in this beer. It is very much in the background of the floral aromatics.

Tasting Notes

This beer presents you with a honey-like sweetness up front, but the body is quite light overall. This points to this being a Belgian Saison with the strong sweetness up front, light body and crisp finish overall.

The floral notes are lightly sweet at first and have a light lingering bitterness on the finish of this beer. They are present throughout and subtle enough to be quite pleasant overall.

Other Notes

The can is pretty straightforward overall. A silver label with black designs of flora surround the name of Coast Mountain Brewing and Steel & Oak Brewing. This label lets the beer do the talking.

There is a very crisp and rather highly carbonated finish to this beer. Seeing as there is a noticeable sweetness throughout, this helps to bring the beer back into relative balance.


There are sweet honey notes in both the aromatics and the taste. This is complimented by a first sweet floral note and a lightly bitter floral and spicy finish. The high level of carbonation lends itself to a crisp finish that makes this a nicely balanced Saison.

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Main photo by Nic Hendrickson, Lastword Inc., all rights reserved

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