FFBE Evasion Unit Reprieve: Superlatives

After debuting the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) evade rankings, it sparked a ton of conversation and a ton of controversy. Admittedly, many units were left out in favor of going more in-depth to just a few unique characters. However, the evasion unit highlight continues, this time in a more lighthearted fashion. Behold the FFBE evasion superlatives! Remember back in high school yearbooks where all the popular kids get fun titles, like “Most Likely to Become President,” or “Big Mac and Small Fry?” Well, the FFBE characters wanted to get in on the fun. Here are some more great evade units and a superlative that describes them.

This is the a sort of sequel to a previous FFBE Evade Unit Rankings article. To check that one out, click here.

FFBE Evasion Unit Superlatives Awards

Most Changed: Chizuru

Veteran FFBE players will conjure fond memories whenever the name Chizuru is mentioned. She is one of the oldest characters in the game and has gone through a few different phases. Chizuru was a free-to-play player’s best friend for a long time.

She was one of the easiest characters to build since katanas were one of the more powerful weapons in the game back then. But what was Chizuru known best for back in the day? She was part of the great Barrage meta days. Back then, chaining was in its infancy, so the best way to deal damage was to just attack a bunch of times. Barrage did just that. It unleashed four attacks at random enemies. What about dual wielding? That’s right, eight times.

Chizuru is a four-star base character, who initially could be awakened to five stars. Many worried that she would fall off the face of the planet when the six-star meta hit. Nope. With her six-star awakening, she gained the skill Phantom Shadow, which brought her into the chaining world. Sure, it could only chain with a duplicate of herself, but since she was so common, it wasn’t tough to find partners for her.

Chizuru’s final transformation came with ability awakenings. It is also the reason she makes this list. Her enhancements gave her an unheard of 40 percent physical evasion. This made it possible for many players to get a full evade unit for the first time. Dedicated players who weren’t heavy spenders found it relatively easy to get her to 100 percent evasion with only a few trust master rewards combined with event items like Kiyomori and Spirit of Freedom materia.

Chizuru has been mostly phased out of the game, but she remains a fan favorite and a great choice for easy evasion.

Best All Around: Warrior of Light

Sticking to some of the classic characters is an all-time classic even beyond FFBE: Warrior of Light. While he isn’t as easy of a character to get to 100 percent evasion, once a player amasses enough gear to do so, he will rarely leave the party. Warrior of Light operates mainly as a physical tank, but his versatility helps parties succeed who are on a budget.

Warrior of Light can draw single attacks with Brave Presence (or Golem’s Provoke). He can cover physical attacks with Light Is With Us! But, he also breaks enemies with Armor Eraser and Arms Eraser. Sure, they aren’t the best breaks by today’s standards, but they are better than nothing and were pretty solid for a long time. Embolden even gives the entire party an attack and defense buff. He even has Raise to revive fallen party members if he needs to.

Think of Warrior of Light as the swiss army knife of tanks. And built for evasion, he can still take on some of the toughest foes to this day. Until seven star awakenings, he was a better option oftentimes than a lot of the five-star base tanks.

Class Clown: Brother

Now moving on to a more current unit. Brother is, well, Rikku’s brother from Final Fantasy X. He is that lovable, yet kind of creepy dude who just kind of tags along with the crew. Everyone keeps him around because every once in a while, he’ll crack a funny joke, but overall people are more laughing at him than with him.

Interestingly enough, the FFBE developers decided to give Brother 40 percent innate evasion, so he gained entry into this group. Honestly, it still doesn’t give Brother enough to warrant being rostered in any party. He is a three-star base, so his stats are beyond lackluster. His kit is just not good. Sphere Shot decreases water resistance to all enemies by 40 percent. Y meddma teb! Increases water resistance by 70 percent for all allies, so maybe players will find a use for that.

The facts are that Brother remains a clown of a character, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Just look at his attack animation! Brownie points for any player that finds a use for him in their party. Bonus points for someone who drops a video of them soloing any Chamber of Arms trial with a full evade Brother.

Most Likely to Succeed: Tidus

One thing most FFX players will remember about Brother was his love for Yuna. However, he never got his girl. Instead, the game’s main protagonist, Tidus, got her. Much like his success in FFX, Tidus is likely to succeed as an evade unit in a good party. His 30 percent innate evasion allows players to throw a few Ring of the Lucii on him and still have plenty of slots left to stack up his attack power.

Quick Hit remains one of the more powerful chaining families in the game, and his modifier bumps all the way up to 7.2x when he’s enhanced. Enhance his Tackle Slip and he gains 20 percent magic evasion and a chance to counter attacks. Like Brother, he has some water resistance buffs, but they are 100 percent. He can also boost the entire party’s stats by 60 percent with Get Pumped! fully enhanced.

Another great thing about Tidus with an evade build is that depending on the enemy, he can get back some of the damage he loses using evade gear. Sun Crest gives a nice 50 percent damage increase to beats, birds, and demons. At seven star with his trust master equipped, he gains another 25 percent increase. Not bad at all.

Most Likely to Steal Your Heart: Kryla

Kryla is that oddball that usually hangs out in the corner by herself. She looks really unapproachable and might even practice witchcraft. Okay, she definitely practices witchcraft. However, the few people who get to know her will find out that she’s actually really cool.

Kryla is a Global exclusive unit who goes along with the winter events. Most people started the event thinking they would want the other two units, White Knight Noel (WKN) and Christine. WKN just looks awesome. He is a mage riding a big Magitek armor sleigh-type thing delivering presents. Christine is a wannabe Frozen character but also happens to use powerful ice chaining magic. That left Kryla initially sitting on the sideline, which coincidentally is just what she wanted.

However, she turned out to be the best of the three units. After enhancements, her breaks became some of the best in the game. They reduce their respective stat by 65 percent but last five turns. From there, players can start laying on the damage with her Jinx Brews. These are dual elemental abilities that deal spirit scaling damage.

These combined with her 30 percent evasion make her extremely survivable and capable of soloing many enemies. Once evasion is handled and she is invulnerable to physical damage, players can easily turn their attention to maxing out spirit. Not only will it make her laugh at puny magic attacks, but it powers up her own abilities.

Add in her breaks and imperils and it’s no wonder everyone is falling for her!

Most Likely to Cause (Arena) Cancer: Ling

Well, maybe not so much anymore, but there was a time when full-evade Ling was the Lilith of the arena. Ling’s 40 percent innate evasion makes her easy to max out, and she has been in the game forever. Don’t expect her to do a ton of damage, but if players don’t zone in on her in the arena, they were going to have a bad time. Her biggest issue was her ability Dance of Rebirth. It was the first ability in the game to revive the entire party from being K.O.ed.

Aside from arena, Ling was one of the first solo units for trials like Beasts of the Dark. However, using her was not for the faint of heart. Since she really can’t attack much, players had to rely on the “Hide” strategy, which removed her from the battle on turns that would otherwise kill her. This made for an extremely tedious clear of the boss, but a clear nonetheless. Nowadays players look for Zargabaath for strategies like this.

Most Likely to Listen to ‘80s New Wave: Malphasie

Malphasie is a fan-created unit shrouded in mystery. Well, it is less about mystery and more that there are always angry looking birds circling her. Few people have ever gotten very close to her, and even fewer have even heard her voice. However, there is a rumor that she is really into New Wave. Or it could be the birds who like it. Who knows?

Anyway, Malphasie is a hybrid unit with only 20 percent innate evasion, but she still has a few who swear by her evade builds. It is mostly because Ring of the Lucii works so perfectly with her. Since it gives a 25 percent boost to both attack and magic, it’s almost like 50 percent boost for her, and puts her right up to 70 percent evasion. From there, it only take a few more pieces of equipment to max her out, and she becomes an untouchable powerhouse.

What also makes Malphasie a good party member is her versatility. She is part of the physical Divine Ruination family by using Tenebrous Dive or Aerial Dive. Or, she can change with the magic Tornado Family with Thousand Wings. The Aureole Ray family is also an option with Fiendish Winds or Turbulence.

Find Malphasie’s creator, Enkou, on Twitter @sirenoacross. Credit to Shutterfly for the Superlative Ideas.

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