Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part I is Coming – Whether You Like it or Not

In less than 30 days, 2019 will give way to 2020. This will garner in a new decade. It will also be the almost mythically-hyped Final Fantasy VII Remake finally releases. With details becoming clearer and clearer by the month, the title is already receiving its fair share of criticism. The focus is on the fact the game will be released into three parts. While it makes sense that a game hailed as one of the greatest of all time would draw apprehension for any change, fans need to simmer down and just embrace what will turn into a story that will be playable for years to come.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part I is Coming Soon – Whether You Like it or Not

New Trailer Before the New Year

The remake was officially announced all the way back in 2015. After almost no news for years, many wondered if the game even existed at all. Would it ever be released? It really wasn’t even until early in 2019, almost four years after the announcement, that any type of trailer was released. But it was worth the wait. A second, longer trailer that included gameplay was unveiled at E3 in May. The game finally seemed real, and pre-orders opened.

Now, as the release date draws closer, a surprise new trailer dropped during the 2019 Video Game Awards:

Not a Full Game?

Understandably, there was apprehension when Final Fantasy VII was announced as a three-part game. On one end, this is a little better than the initial plan, which said that the game would be episodic. Still, with the price tag being that of a full-fledged title, it doesn’t sound right to release a third of a game.

In today’s gaming world, this happens all too often. Due to online gaming and the ability to add patches and updates, many games are either released unfinished, or incomplete. Titles are rushed out and filled with bugs, as developers know that they can just have a download patch fix it later.

Other times, companies end a game early, forcing players to pay for downloadable content that will fill in gaps that would have probably been included in the original launch in times past.

Fleshing it Out

Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase know how sacred Final Fantasy VII is to the fanbase. They will make plenty of money off the title, and there is no need to unnecessarily milk the fanbase while releasing an inferior product. Yes, the game will be released in three separate parts. And the first one will focus completely on Midgar. But Kitase claims that it will be a standalone title all on its own.

Part of what made FFVII so great initially was just how deep the story went. There was so much extra lore to explore outside of the main quest that fleshed out the characters and their backstory.

Yet, there is still so much that was left unclear. With three entire titles that fans will demand to be jam-packed full of content, there is no doubt that the creators will do just that. And, after over 20 years between the release of the original and remake, the writers no doubt have had time to further visualize the world and add more details than ever thought imaginable.

So fans need to just embrace what is going on. Three titles mean that the first part’s release on March 3rd, 2020 is only the beginning. With two more titles in the works, and the developers taking their time to make sure expectations are met, the entire decade of 2020 could be full of Final Fantasy VII content.

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