National Cat Day

Gifting CBD to Your Cat On National Cat Day

We all love receiving gifts no matter the occasion or if there is no occasion even better and the same goes for our pets. If you have seen the joy of an animal when they see a new treat or toy then you will know that the joy is not determined by the species, and thus why it is so important to show our appreciation for our pets who love us unconditionally and there is no better time to do this than on national cat day.

Gifting CBD To Your Cat For National Cat Day

Mother Nature

Many cat owners will most likely have purchased every cat accessory known to man for their feline but if you are looking for something more organic and all-natural that comes from Mother Nature herself then you need a new type of product. Ingredients grown naturally and harvested and produced into products that will add health positives to your cat’s life are one step further to show your pet that you care for them deeply.

Nature in Your Cat’s Diet

There are always new products and food items coming out on supermarket shelves, all claiming to be the next best thing for your pet but do we take the time to read the labels, see what is in this ‘wonder’ product? In most cases, the answer is no.

The problem with this, however, is that the reason why these products can withstand being on the shelves for an extended period is that they’re usually filled with chemicals and preservatives and these are not what we want to feed to our pets.

You may not believe it but preservatives can have severe negative long-term side effects. You should become well-versed in spotting the names and additives in food items the next time you’re out shopping.

It is always better to know more than less, being safe rather than sorry as the old saying implies.

Searching for products that tick all the boxes could have you running in circles, but with research and careful homework, you could find yourself reverting to the one product that is increasing in popularity daily.

Talking CBD

CBD is a plant-based product, also known as Cannabidiol and which is similar in make-up in terms of the receptors found in animal endocannabinoid systems. It was discovered early in human civilization and has since evolved and developed into one of the leading medical alternatives to aid a more natural lifestyle.

Animals have shown a significant increase in energy, better awareness and assessment of stressful situations which otherwise could lead to anxiety and panic attacks, and overall a homeostasis of the internal bodily functions.

Pain and inflammation become a distant memory, stiff and arthritic joints become supple and more flexible, and their fur and coats seem to match their positive mood and morale. Pet owners around the world are raving about this plant-based product that has changed their lives and given their cats the quality of life they deserve.

Now is your chance to do the same, you may have tried and thought of everything and if using CBD is new to you, what have you got to lose? Make this year’s national cat day one to remember with a new diet and nutritional plan for your furry family member, and even more so using toxin and pesticide-free products. Win-win.

CBD is transforming the way we approach meals, how we implement essential vitamins and minerals, and knowing it is grown in nature makes it all the better.

Reliable Products

Ensuring you are buying from a trusted supplier or source is vital in maximizing the plants’ health properties and benefits, like with all products some people and companies take shortcuts and produce less than standard or regulated quality products.

If you are not careful you could end up wasting a lot of money and feel frustrated at the end of it all seeing your cat not enjoy or reap the benefits you had expected and this applies at all times of course and not just on national cat day!

Be sure to read the product labels and packaging, they should state the CBD concentration as well as the THC content (learn more about the ‘black sheep’ of the hemp plant in this link and which should be no more than 0.3% available within your CBD item) and check the source of origin.

Reading the company webpage and customer comments pages will give you an idea of the quality of products you are considering, the satisfaction the users experienced, and the results they witnessed when using a Cannabidiol product.

Top 3 Signs of a Quality CBD Product

Extraction. Was the CBD extracted using the most effective and efficient method of CO2? While it has been known to be more expensive the results are purer and the end products have little to no sediment at the end of the processing.
Natural. Has the hemp plant from which CBD originates been grown naturally and without growth hormones or pesticides?
Results. Are the lab test results showing that they have undergone extensive processes to eliminate THC and to produce a higher CBD concentration available on their website? Or are they publically available if not on request? It shows the manufacturer has nothing to hide and is manufacturing a top-tier item.

There are many plus sides to using CBD whether for yourself or your pets, but the main objective is that you are opting for a healthier alternative to the chemically-filled products we receive on prescription or over the counter at the pharmacy. For this factor alone you are one step closer to an improved quality of life.

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