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The Best Tabletop Games for Large Scale Battles

Tabletop gaming can be a fun hobby for you and any number of friends who dare to risk learning the rules and starting their own addiction to it. Large scale battles can really be the pinnacle of fun in this arena so here we take a look at the best tabletop games for large scale battles.

The Best Tabletop Games for Large Scale Battles


While not as monetarily rewarding as EasyBet Casino tabletop gaming is certainly rewarding in terms of fun and entertainment.

And even depending on what games you’re playing it can even be mildly educational on wartime tactics for ancient long-gone military forces. You might not know the marching size of a legion of Persian foot soldiers before you start but you might know after.

It’s not just obscure historical facts and information you will learn from a hobby like this.

Your artistic skills are certainly going to increase due to all the models you are going to have to assemble and paint.

And when you inevitably want to be able to play the games in a more interesting area you are going to need to start building your own terrain pieces for your units to traverse and fight on and over.

This might seem like a lot of work, and it is no doubt, but it won’t feel like it. It’s like painting a painting. An artist might spend days working on a single one but it won’t feel like it to them.

Now, most likely you are going to be working on models that are about 28mm or about an inch and a half tall. This is because this is the most standard size for miniature figures in tabletop gaming.

They take up almost exactly a square inch on a surface so they’re perfect for use with tile-based systems. Games where movement is all tiles and you move a set amount of tiles every time you move.

It being a square inch means designing something for these systems is very easy. Also, this means that while the models are tiny, generally you can get a lot of detail on them, and painting them isn’t the hardest thing in the world.

But what if you want a battle that’s a bit larger than the say twenty unit fights you’ll be having at this scale in the beginning?

You don’t want to just up it to say, fifty, sixty models either. You want to organize and fight a truly grand war.

Hundreds of soldiers, dozens of vehicles and even depending on the system and game you can have bases, factories, supply routes and so much more.

Of course at that before mentioned 28mm scale hundred of soldiers is going to take up a lot of room. And certainly, costs a lot of money.

That’s why the majority of people looking to play games at this scale move down to a mere 6mm scale.

Little itty bitty soldiers. They’re not individuals at this scale either, soldiers are usefully merged together so a set amount of them sit on a single base.

This makes organizing and moving them actually possible while still giving them numbers and versatility.

On this scale buying a large quantity and painting them is a lot easier and cheaper. You don’t need to get much detail on something that isn’t even a centimeter tall.

Dirtside II

If you’ve ever read or watched Starship Troopers you will immediately understand the premise of this game. If you haven’t I’ll explain it quickly.

In the sci-fi future taking a planet through force requires a lot of men, vehicles, and planning. Soldiers are grunts that’s equipment is more valuable than their lives and they are treated as such.

Large forces and moved and giant cannons and tanks roll across the battlefield. It’s all about taking or holding ground.

This translates well when you are trying to play a large game of models and strategy.

Dirtside is a sudo science fiction wargame played with 6mm figures that are supposed to represent massive-scale battles to take entire planets.

It’s a fun game to play if you have a lot of time and want to play something that lets you live out a battle straight from an alien invasion movie.

Warhammer Epic

If you are familiar with the Warhammer universe you know that in its story every battle is supposed to be composed of thousands of soldiers fighting for their lives to protect humanity and purge Xeno aliens from existence.

Now while the game is great and definitely one of the most popular tabletop games in its normal form Warhammer 40k it’s played at the normal 28mm scale.

This means while you have beautiful models and figures and can definitely have large battles that are lots of fun on their own they aren’t quite the true battles that the lore of the game talks about.

That’s where Warhammer Epic comes in. It was made to be played at a much smaller scale 6mm. So you can really experience what a real Warhammer battle would be.

It does an amazing job at translating the original base game into a much larger scale without bogging everything down with needless bookkeeping of everything that’s happening as some other large-scale 6mm games do.

One of the problems with Warhammer Epic though is its lack of support. Games Workshop, the people who produce and made Warhammer, have sort of… forgotten about it.

This means that the only people still making stuff for the game are fans of it. While it’s hard to get official Games Workshop Warhammer Epic figures you can find an absolute ton of fan-produced ones online, and for not that expensive too.

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