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Realizing The Revolution: How BLACKPINK Took Over The World

BLACKPINK is quite possibly the biggest girl group on the planet right now. Record-breaking musical achievements as well as taking over the entertainment medium as a whole in every other venture, this K-pop sensation is a force to be reckoned with. Millions and millions of their loyal “BLINKS” have supported them throughout the years and there seem to be no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Blackpink realized the revolution.

At the time of writing, surprisingly, this K-pop girl group has only been around for five short years. In the music industry, five years can be considered as “getting your feet wet” in this line of work. But, these four megastars managed to conquer the music, movie, television, and, fashion world in no time at all on their way to global domination. But, how did they reach this level of cultural icon in such a short time in the entertainment world? We are going to dive deeper into this area on how BLACKPINK kickstarted and inevitably led a revolution.

Realizing the Revolution: How BLACKPINK Took Over the World

The Trainee Days

The members of BLACKPINK did not have an easy ride to superstardom. On top of that, even before their official debut, the pressure already mounted on them since they were the first K-pop girl group under the YG Entertainment banner to be unveiled, at the time, in over seven years. The top girl group that preceded them were global phenomenons in their own right and they were known as 2NE1. It was not only the pressure placed on them but the time and effort they had to put in to outlast every challenge put before them. BLACKPINK was supposed to have upwards of seven to nine members before the label ultimately made the decision to stick with the four women BLINKS (the affectionate name of the BLACKPINK fandom) have come to know and love.

Jennie was first up to be unveiled as an official member back in 2012, having been a trainee since 2010. Next up was Lisa, it took a full four years, after Jennie, for her to be unveiled as the second official member of the famous girl group. Amazingly, she outlasted 4,000 YG hopefuls in the 2011 audition process; making her the label’s first foreign trainee and doing it in her native home Thailand. Days later, Jisoo, the group’s “unnie”, came into the fold having been in the training process since 2011. Last and, best believe certainly not least, is Rosé, who ranked first among 700 applicants in her home of Australia.

The girls, in their reality show titled 24/365, stated that even in their early days they had a strong bond. Singing and playing music in their dorm rooms as they went through rigorous training together. They were drawn to each other and found solace in one another, despite not knowing if they were gonna be in the same group together. But, this just goes to show that the role the universe had in bringing these four together. Through trials and tribulations, they handled it with such poise and grace that they ultimately overcame all the odds together to succeed.

Debut and Rise

They officially debuted in 2016 and, in August of that year, they released their first single album “Square One” with much acclaim. They skyrocketed towards the top almost instantaneously when they held the number one and number two positions, with their tracks “Boombayah” and “Whistle”, in the Billboard World Digital Sales Chart. They were the fastest act to achieve such a feat. It only snowballed from there with the release of two more single albums in “Square Two” and “Square Up“. These four individuals were unstoppable. Not long after, they would go on a World Tour of epic proportions. Doing stadium shows in Japan, Thailand, and their native South Korea, to name a few.

Making Waves In The West

Their star burned brighter than the sun when they started collaborating with top stars in the Music Industry in the West. The likes of Selena GomezDua Lipa, and, Lady Gaga. This “Revolution” has not stopped. With each passing day, these ladies further cement their legacy with top-notch music and love from their fans you just can’t kill. Ahead of their first full-length album aptly named “The Album”, BLACKPINK came to the United States and set the star-spangled country on fire in the 2019 edition of the music mega fest known as “Coachella“. They were the first female K-pop group to perform at the event and fans and critics alike got blown away by them. Calling their set “electrifying” and “unforgettable”.

Their music has broken down barriers on what it really means to hear music rather than just listen to it. That the language barrier is not at all a hindrance in enjoying every single second of it. If it’s good you feel it and no one can put it any better than that. It is truly beyond impressive how much they have accomplished in such a short span. Five years in the music business is like a drop in the bucket for most. But, for BLACKPINK? It was more than enough to etch their names atop the upper echelon of the music industry forever and to be mentioned in the same vein with some of the greatest ever.

Global Domination


Now, to the meat of the subject of “what set BLACKPINK apart from all the rest?” Let’s take a look at their backgrounds, for starters. These four women came from different walks of life. Jennie was born in South Korea but spent most of her formative years in New Zealand. Lisa was born in Thailand and spent her life there before discovering another culture in her trainee days. Rosé was born in Auckland, New Zealand to South Korean immigrant parents but was brought up in Australia. Jisoo is the only member of the group to have spent the majority of her life in South Korea.

“How is this related?” you might ask. This says a lot about how relatable they are and how fans connect with them. Jennie, Rosé, and, Lisa spent a portion of their life elsewhere before they found themselves in South Korea. It is tough getting acclimated to an environment you haven’t been in for so long or even at all in the case of Lisa before the events that transpired. Jisoo, on the other hand, already used to her own culture, ultimately adapted to her fellow members, which couldn’t have been easy at first, if one thinks about it.

Their “V Live” streams show the more human side of them. Just four simple girls enjoying their time with each other and they just happen to be megastars on top of that. The initial cultural barrier was no hindrance for them. Their common drive and strive to be the best has brought them together as this mega force. That aspect of their character and celebrity ultimately endeared and strongly connected them to their BLINKS.

Entertainment Moguls

They’re also very much role models. These four women transcended the medium they were in to take on all sorts of opportunities. For example, they have become icons in the fashion industry. With Jennie representing Chanel. Rosé for Yves Saint Laurent. Lisa for Bulgari and Celine. Lastly, Jisoo sporting the brand Dior. Not to mention, Jisoo also ventured out into hosting, in her work in SBS’s Inkigayo” and her K-drama series that’s set to debut this December, titled “Snowdrop“.

Movies, television guest appearances and Internet platforms among others, their reach has extended far and away from their initial career trajectory. Trend-setters and trailblazers, BLACKPINK have set numerous records and amassed various accolades in their time in the bright spotlight. Countless musical awards from East to West, including holding six records in the Guinness Book Of World RecordsThe train has not, and will not, stop as their domination continues to this day and presumably for many years to come. They refuse to have any restrictions put on them as far as success is concerned. BLACKPINK embodies the power a modern woman exudes.

K-pop Queens

It is crazy to think that four dominant music powerhouses could be in one group together. But, they are and fans could not be happier. They could’ve easily become superstars through their own volition with the talent they possess. We even caught a glimpse of that with some of their solo work. Jennie’s appropriately named “SOLO” single album. Also, Rosé’s “-R-” album. And, more recently, Lisa’s “Lalisa” solo debut. We can’t forget about Jisoo’s aforementioned work in the television industry and the inevitability of her own Solo project down the line. It wouldn’t have been a shock if they were all major players in the entertainment industry individually.

But, BLINKS are happy that this is the outcome that happened. For comparison’s sake, take the American Hard Rock band Guns N’ Roses. People often say that when they look at a photo of the group they see them individually as the breakout star of a band if they happen to be in separate acts. But, when you catch lightning in a bottle you never ever let it escape and that’s exactly what BLACKPINK is; lightning in a bottle. This K-pop phenomenon has single-handedly taken over the world and they’re not about to loosen their grip on it anytime soon.

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