The Magic of Music

Top 11 Reasons Why Music Is So Important

Top 11 Reasons Why Music Is So Important

Ever since humanity existed, so did the music. The relationship between humans and music goes way back. One can not function without another. People have always sung their tales, danced, and used musical instruments to express their feelings and culture. After millions of years of existence, music is still an undeniable part of our modern life.

It doesn’t matter which country or culture you belong to; you will notice that your land and culture have music that resonates within your soul. There are hardly any people who don’t like music. One primary reason is music is a universal language. A piece of music can break any language barrier out there and connects people with harmony.

Our interaction with sound is unavoidable. As long as the sound is there, there will be music. Just like the background music of Uptown Pokies.

Music Is Underrated

For unknown reasons, humans have a burning desire to create. We all have that in us. We want to do something that people will remember us even after we are gone. Some seek to achieve that goal through music. Many pursue careers in music and face many backlashes.

Doctors, engineers, and teachers have always been respected because their positive impact on the world is visible. But the positive effects of music on the planet are tough to see. Sometimes musicians find themselves wondering if they are adding anything to the world. Musicians feel frustrated at times and feel society is looking down on them. It happens because society fails to give the respect and honor musicians deserve. People don’t understand how big of value music adds to this world.

That is why music is so underrated. The truth is music is unquestionably essential to people. It is crucial that people hear music, learn, create, and play music.

Why does Music Sound So Good?

We have a fundamental tendency of catching patterns; it doesn’t matter in which form it comes. From an early age, when we look at the night sky, we tend to draw different structures and patterns by joining the stars. We feel happy by doing so, even though it does not add any value to our lives. Since the beginning of time, we have attracted patterns and a desire to create them.

Music is a pattern of melodic sound that creates feelings in our hurt. From our basic pattern recognition ability, we recognize its sound pattern when we hear the music. Because of evolution, our minds are designed to arrange it from noise and respond to melodies, reiterations, tunes, and rhythms. Studies from magnetic resonance imaging have observed that our minds’ nerve networks are essential in deciphering diverse music properties.

Therefore, music helps by decreasing stress, pain, and strain. And we like to forget all our worries for a moment and give ourselves to music.

Here are the top 11 reasons why music is essential

  1. Fuel For Creativity

Music fuels not only our soul but also our mind and creativity. Music works as inspiration to create for musicians, dancers, artists, or any other profession that requires creativity.

Musicians often get inspired by other music. Getting inspiration from other music and adding its own twist to it is how the music style progresses.

Dancers go with the flow of the music and let their bodies move some times consciously and sometimes subconsciously. While listening to music, they subconsciously end up creating something new. New dance moves and dance styles get made thanks to music.

There are many kinds of painting, such as abstract arts get inspired by jazz music. They are more improvisational rather than traditional; the result of such paintings is unexpected. Music provides much-needed creativity for painting.

2. Universal Language

The most amazing part of music is that there is no boundary for understanding music. Mos country in this world has their own language. But there is only one language that all can understand, and that is the language of music. No word is necessary to understand what emotion a piece of music represents.

Music has the ability to transcend cultural abstraction and connect people. That is why music is one of the best ways to make new friends. Making friends around the neighborhood or another country or culture is not that hard when using music.

Music carries emotion and tradition from one place to another. Exactly why music helps spread culture and educate people on different cultures. It doesn’t matter how diverse or isolated a group is; music can bring them together and build the harmony of understanding, says Dr. David Huron. Dr. Huron also says life is more enjoyable when you add music to it.

3. Bring People Together

Music helps to build unity and bring people together. In various festivals and live concerts, we see many people participating in them. These people come from far and wide. They all sang and danced together at the show. Even when they can’t hear the lyrics, they dance by hearing the beat. People from different races, places, and languages all come together to enjoy the same music. It is truly an electrifying feeling.

Many people who are feeling alone go to such concerts or shows and meet a bunch of new people and connect with them.

Musicians make a lot of connections doing collaborating and showing. Fans usually make fan clubs of their favorite musician, and fans with similar interests join them. By making friends with similar interests or joining a community, club people feel a sense of belonging. Just like that, music brings people together.

4. Focus

Music is great for focus enhancement. It is scientifically proven that soft melodies can increase working activity, focus, and success rate. Students tend to hear music to study for longer hours. People also use music to sleep and meditate. Almost every gym nowadays has music, because music can help you do more exercise and for a more extended period.

Even profession such as doctors, which requires high focus and concentration, use music in the operation theater. Doctors say while operating, they listen to music because it helps them focus. They got research data to back it up, which states music increase the success rate of operations.

5. Memory

Music is essential for memory. You will see that you still remember the song’s verse that you used to hear many years ago. But on the other hand, you can’t seem to recall what book you read last year. This happens because music can create profound memory that stays for a longer period of time.

Music can help old people remember. That is why music is used in nursing homes as therapy. Music makes moments and incidents into core memory that can be recalled through that music. At important events of our life, you will see that we play music at important events like Marriage, Birthday Party, New year, Christmas, even if the event doesn’t have dedicated music of its own.

Music helps children too. Music helps with their brain development. The rhythm of the music helps with their timing, coordination which later on helps create quality motor skills.

6. Inspires People

Music can inspire you to do great things. Songs written during wartime inspired many civilians to join the army. Songs help to boost soldiers’ confidence in the war. It helps them stay focused and lose morals. The national anthem reminds the citizen of a country of their duty and love towards their country.

You might remember some old song still inspiring people to do great things.

7. Expressing Our Feelings

Music is a magnificent way to express our deepest feelings, feelings such as joy, sadness, happiness, loneliness, disgust, strong, fear, etc. The soundtrack in any video is essential. It doesn’t matter if it is a movie, short video, educational video, sad or funny video; we get an idea of what the video represents by the soundtrack. A movie trailer of two minutes or so uses the soundtrack to convey a two-hour-long movie’s whole feeling and theme.

Listening to only audio or instrument requires a more significant deal of attention. Because you don’t get visual representation when listening to audio to understand. Understanding a piece of music without visuals widens our imagination.

8. Improves Cognitive Abilities

Practicing a musical instrument is proven to improve our cognitive abilities. Practicing instruments requires memory, precision, attention, and patience, which improves our response inhibition, multiple simultaneous attention, speed of processing information, pattern recognition, working memory, and so much more!

Musicians tend to have a better hearing than general humans. Their hearing ability improves by years of music practice. They began to tell the difference between notes more accurately.

9. Pain & Stress Reliever

Relaxing and melody music works as pain and stress sedatives. It works for both patient and doctor. While operating, music helps doctors to focus and stay stress-free. Which increases success rate of operation. And a patient who listens to music before their operation is found to be more calm and relaxed.

Patients who can’t be given any medication to reduce pain get an alternative sedative: music. Music helps reduce the feeling of pain.

10. Reduces Anxiety & Discomfort

People get overwhelmed with pressure from many aspects of life. Hard work, negative emotions, nervousness, getting angry can increase blood pressure. Music works as a medicine to deal with these situations. Smoothing, slow, relaxing music can relax our mind and body. It also reduces body toxins and heart rates.

Neocortex calms us and helps us get rid of impulsive thoughts. Music can help activate this neocortex. So music not only helps us reduce anxiety but also reduces any discomfort we are feeling.

11. Ambiance

Music helps to create ambiance. It helps to create an exhilarating experience for you. If you go to a themed restaurant, most probably it has music, go to a party it has music, romantic date it has music. Basically, music is the essence of creating ambiance in most cases.


Music is part of our life. We can not imagine our life without music. There are many benefits to music, but in the end, the most crucial reason is having pleasure! Yes, we get pleasure by listening to music, so why would we stop listening to it? We should engage more with music and introduce our kids to music. Music is the way to go if you want to increase creativity, coordination skills, and overall well-being.

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