Stages of Love Through K-pop (BLACKPINK Edition)

My “Stages of Love Through K-Pop” series, for the month of February, continues. We started extremely strong with JYPE darlings ITZY. And, on this Valentine’s Day, I will feature one of the biggest K-pop girl groups in the world BLACKPINK.

If you missed the first entry go check that out. But, to give you a quick rundown, the theme of this series is about exploring the four stages of love through K-pop songs, the stages being “Crush”, “Confession”, “Love”, and, “Heartbreak.” This week, the YG Entertainment queens take center stage.

BLACKPINK’s songs are known to be incredibly powerful, lyrically and theme-wise. It promotes strength, valuing yourself, and, never relying on someone for your self worth. It made my decision process intriguing, as the shoe is often on the other foot. What I mean by that is, BLACKPINK often flips the script on conventional love norms; making it a joy to choose songs that slot into each stage.

Now that’s all out of the way, let’s get right to it, BLINKS!

CRUSH: “Crazy Over You

Off their debut album aptly named “The Album“, Crazy Over You talks of casual playfulness when two seemingly interested parties meet, well, at least in the beginning. Rosé and Jisoo in the pre-chorus would utter the words:

“I saw you,
And knew what I was trying to do

I had to play it real real smooth
And once I finally made my move”

As evidenced by these words, it was never meant to amount to something more. However, it became apparent that there’s something here, something special. Jennie would hammer the point home with these lyrics:

“I went crazy over you
Over you only you”

This is one form of infatuation that errs on the aggressive side. However, if you don’t shoot your shot, how will you know?


I covered this song extensively, as it’s one of my absolute favorite songs from BLACKPINK’s catalogue. However, for the uninitiated regarding the message of this song.

Really is about the confession of feelings. However, it does have a little twist. The protagonist of the song went above and beyond to reveal their true feelings. Unfortunately, the other person doesn’t seem to be willing or strong enough to do the same, even if it’s explicitly clear they feel it too.

BLACKPINK has a special way of tackling themes like these, making the song a “must hear” for fans. The killer line is delivered early on by Jennie herself, with the words being:

“If you really really love me 말해줘 (tell me)”

It seems simple enough, right? However, it just goes to show that not everyone is as confident as everybody else. But, with a little push and realization, love can bloom.

LOVE: “Forever Young

Another track off of the EP “Square Up“, Forever Young is about reckless abandon and feeling love so deeply that even if it’s your last day, it seem worth it. We’ve all felt invincible and fearless in the presence of love, at least once in our lifetime. Forever Young is the perfect soundtrack to a love so strong that it seems eternal. With the group’s “Royal Maknae” Lisa strongly uttering the lyrics:

“오늘이 가도 후회 없게
시간이 우리 둘을 떼어 놓을 수 없게
순간이 영원할 수 있게”

When translated to English it means:

“Let’s have no regrets when today has gone by
So that time can’t tear us apart
So that this moment can be eternal”

The innocence of this song echoes the sentiments that “love should be easy.” Forever Young is a reminder that it’s okay to be vulnerable and live life like it’s your last, especially if you’re in the presence of someone you value and adore; love keeps us youthful and alive, and there’s no shame in making those feelings known.

HEARTBREAK: “Lovesick Girls

Keeping up with BLACKPINK’s affinity for promoting strength through their songs, Lovesick Girls explores the difficult pain of heartbreak and inevitably rising from the ashes when everything is all said and done. Toxic relationships are extremely difficult to get out of. You’ve spent so much time with that person, and even if it’s gone sour, you still have a soft spot for somebody who was the center of your world.

Lovesick Girls explores this theme by stating that a love once so sweet is difficult to let go. However, you deserve more and you deserve better. Unshackle yourself from these constraints and live the life you should be having. One of my absolute favorite lines from this song was a rap part from Jennie with the lyrics going:

“Didn’t wanna be a princess, I’m priceless
A prince not even on my list
Love is a drug that I quit
No doctor could help when I’m lovesick”

For the uninitiated, “lovesick” might be understood as pining for love. However, “lovesick” literally means “being sick of love.” While it is painful to go through a heartbreak, all is not lost. We all have the ability to overcome. And, one day we will bounce back stronger than ever.

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