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The Batman (2022): “The Best Batman Movie Ever”

“The World’s Greatest Detective” has had his fair share of highs and lows on the big screen. From the amazing 1989 Batman starring Michael Keaton to the lowest of lows in the recent movies starring Ben Affleck, and the unforgettable blunders that were Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

Most considered the Christopher Nolan trilogy starring Christian Bale to be the best since Keaton gave up the cowl. However, its greatest outing objectively, The Dark Knight, is more of a Joker movie than it is a Batman flick.

Finally, after years of more misses than hits, everyone rejoiced when 2022’s The Batman starring Twilight alum Robert Pattinson hit theaters back in March. Most were second-guessing the viability of Pattinson as the “Caped Crusader.”

Fortunately, all those doubts were put to bed when the movie came out. The Batman may as well be the greatest Batman movie ever made, and here are the reasons why.


The Batman – The World’s Greatest DETECTIVE

The word “detective” is in all caps, and for good reason. Keaton and Bale may have had amazing runs as Batman. However, their movies, as well as the other “batmen” never truly captured the essence of Bruce Wayne’s detective prowess.

Most consider the Batman: Animated Series to be the best piece of media ever to depict The Dark Knight, and they’re right. Bruce Wayne was not only the butt-kicking badass at night, and the rich playboy philanthropist by day, he’s also Gotham’s Sherlock Holmes.

In The Batman, Bruce was faced with a cat (no pun intended) and mouse game with The Riddler, trying to identify what the Zodiac Killer-like Edward Nashton was going to do next. These “riddles” were genuinely one of the best parts of the movies.

This was the first time in, well, ever that anyone has fully showcased the detective aspect of Batman’s whole mystique. Not only was it done to explore this side of the masked vigilante, but it was also done splendidly well.

Perfect Tone

Director Matt Reeves is a massive Batman fan and it shows. Reeves took the best parts of the movies, animated series, and TV shows to create one perfect blend of The Dark Knight. While subtle, the movie had genuinely funny moments without it being forced, a nod to Adam West’s portrayal of the campy but amazing 60’s Batman.

Reeves incorporated the Nolan trilogy’s storytelling and the charm of the Tim Burton franchise all in one neat, little, Batmobile-sized three hours of fun. To give credit where credit is due, Matt Reeves did take a lot of inspiration from the different types of Batman medium. However, he also contributed his own style to the Batman lore, which made it feel more original and familiar all at the same time.

It Gave The Riddler Credibility

Right off the bat, Jim Carrey was an amazing Riddler. Carrey was funny and disconcerting all at the same. However, Paul Dano‘s portrayal of the riddle-dropping rogue is definitely the best fans have ever seen. The Riddler is a self-sabotaging goof, that gives out riddles in hopes of stumping the Batman once and for all.

However, nine times out of ten, Bruce would solve the riddles right away, foiling his supposed elaborate plans. Dano’s Riddler is just on another level. The portrayal genuinely sends a chill up your spine whenever he goes from menacing to playfully deranged in a drop of a hat.


This is a personal one. Batman movies always seem to have a problem with lighting. Whether it’s too dark or preposterously neon, no movie ever got it right. Until now. Whenever Pattinson had fight scenes, the lighting would adjust with the setting perfectly so you can see all of the action.

When the Batman goes stealthy, the lighting would adjust with the change as well, having fans see the frightening silhouette that all criminals are afraid of seeing. They nailed this right on the head, and it was not headache-inducing by any means. Good job, Matt Reeves. We can finally see Batman.

Its Simple and Coherent Story

The story is nothing new. However, it’s amazing how they managed to maintain a tone of excitement and intrigue throughout the almost three-hour runtime. There were no mind-blowing twists that flipped the movie on its head, no. It was simply Batman trying to stop The Riddler from killing people from start to finish, discovering things, people, and himself along the way.

Some fans were spoiled by other superhero movies expecting big-time fight scenes and exciting appearances while having messy stories. However, the team behind movie seemed like they had a plan from the get-go and stuck with it, fighting the itch to incorporate things that “work” in past hit movies. Kudos to everyone who worked on this, they had a vision, saw it through to the end, and undoubtedly pain in dividends.

The Best Ever Batman (?)

If you’re a huge Batman fan, or just like superhero movies, we implore you to go check Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. It’s an outstanding thrill ride from start to finish, and when those credits hit, you will not be left disappointed.

Rating: 4.5/5

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