loving someone with mental health issues

Loving Someone With Mental Health Issues

Loving someone who is struggling with mental health issues is a kind of responsibility that is also demanding of time, emotions, and effort. There are some signs that can be considered as symptoms of mental disorders. Drastic mood changes, engaging in risky situations, suicidal thoughts, chronic low-grade depression, difficulty in sleeping, and feeling anxious are some signs that a loved one may be going through mental health issues.

Traditionally, the mental health topic has been considered taboo but despite all this, it is important to be there as a friend and to support them no matter what. With this, it’s important to note that opening up about one’s mental disorder can be very daunting due to negative stereotypes, so they fear how their partner will react to it. But it is very necessary to talk it out before the relationship gets more serious.

Here are some things you should know if your partner is suffering from mental health issues.

It’s Manageable

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Likewise, they are also manageable. Meditation, couples therapy, the support of loved ones, and the right exercise can be great ways to get manage this battle. Online therapy is one of the better ways to cope up with mental health issues and in an affordable, hassle-free manner.

Expressing Empathy

Practicing empathy and validation towards loved ones can be very helpful. Do keep in mind not to say statements like “You need to try harder” or “You are just overthinking”. These kinds of statements do not help and instead, bring negative emotions. Preferably, try to express a sense of security by using statements like “I understand, it’s okay, it’s just a bad phase, we’ll come out of this very soon.” These kinds of statements will allow them the freedom of feelings and they can feel safe with you.


Communication is the most basic pillar and a very crucial part of any relationship. Loving someone with mental health issues can be a rollercoaster ride. There are many ups and downs on the journey, but practicing healthy communication can save a relationship. It will allow an effective way of sharing feelings, problems, emotions, and expectations. Healthy communication allows knowing what a partner is actually experiencing with, and can help with finding a solution for the affected partner.

Practice self-care

Self-care is also one of the most integral parts of maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Some general self-care ideas that are effective are: practicing good sleep, nourishing the body, spending some quality time with trusted friends and family members, engaging in activities that give joy, and, most importantly, practicing mindful meditation regularly. Avoiding binge-eating, and the consumption of alcohol and caffeine can be very effective ways to release some happy hormones. Prevention, care, and recovery from certain mental health disorders are possible with proper self-care.

Loving Someone Suffering From Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues are very personal. Every person takes different times to heal and improve. As all these things get very complex and it’s not something that they can ‘snap out of’, the partner should be very patient and practice calm to get to a more positive place. There will be days that will seem tougher and more challenging, but what is important is to guide and support the partner to get out of a bad day rather than berate them.

Whether it’s a girlfriend or boyfriend suffering from mental health issues it’s important to be with them as support. A mental illness does not need to mean the end of the relationship. Loving someone with a mental health problem takes lots and lots of patience, effort, understanding, and support from both partners. Furthermore, it will make the relationship stronger and long-lasting.

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