NewJeans doing promotional activities ahead of the release of their pre-release single Ditto.

NewJeans Ditto (LIFE K-Pop Review)

HYBE and ADOR Entertainment K-Pop monster rookies NewJeans is back with “Ditto“, a pre-release single ahead of the launch of their first-ever single album “OMG.” It would be an understatement to say NewJeans was spectacular when they debuted back in August 2022.

Sure, word of Min Hee-jin‘s newest girl group spread over a year before NewJeans’ official debut. However, nobody expected the girl group to be this popular in such a short span. While there was hype and excitement around the, then unnamed, girl group, considering the group is led by the prominent former SM Entertainment creative director, no one was ready for the phenomenon that became NewJeans.

Their self-titled debut outing introduced fans to three singles, “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” and “Cookie.” Hype Boy, specifically, became a viral hit and is, objectively, one of the best songs to come out of 2022. Its “virality” came from its easy-to-learn choreography, and its catchy tune. It didn’t take long for Hype Boy on its own to take domestic and international charts by storm.

NewJeans are truly on their way to superstardom and after only three months after debuting, the group has already racked up accolades, deservingly so. Recently, NewJeans was awarded a “Daesang,” otherwise known as the “Performance of the Year” award and the “Rookie of the Year” for music at the Asia Artist Awards, as well as the “Best New Artist” and a “Top 10 Artist Award” at the Melon Music Awards.

With K-Pop awards season pretty much still in full swing, expect NewJeans to rack up more awards in the following weeks. Now that we’ve discussed the quick and sharp rise of NewJeans, let LIFE give you our honest review of the girl group’s newest single Ditto. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Ditto is an amazing showcase of NewJeans’ vocal prowess. The track is anchored by a hectic beat but it somehow maintains its laid-back and melancholic sound. The chorus is also extremely catchy that you’ll find yourself singing and fawning over it more than a couple of times. The often-forgotten but excellent B-side “Hurt” from their debut outing was quite a glimpse of the singing talents of MinjiHanniDanielleHaerin, and Hyein.

However, Ditto took the foundation that Hurt laid out and expanded upon it, allowing the quintet to truly show what they were always capable of vocally.

The outing is so addicting from the first few seconds it hits the ear that it goes by really fast without the listener even noticing. For an over three-minute song to make the listener feel that it’s too short, you just know that song is good.

We would be remiss if we didn’t touch on the the two music videos that accompanied NewJeans’ Ditto. Much like its predecessor Hype Boy, ADOR Entertainment decided to make multiple different music videos for Ditto, and we have to say, it’s an excellent supporting piece of media that further enhances the listening experience.


Overall, Ditto feels like a good step in preparing Tokkis, the NewJeans fandom, for something spectacular to come once OMG comes out on January 1, 2023, serving as a fantastic teaser that leaves K-Pop fans wanting more.

We will restrain ourselves from rating Ditto on its own since we want to rate it as a total package once OMG comes. However, we will say this, Ditto left us wanting more new material from NewJeans, and their first-ever single album cannot come fast enough.

What did you think of Ditto by NewJeans? Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Sound off on social media, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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