The 600 Seconds Show: Content Creation and YouTube with Ana Neumann

The first season of my podcast The 600 Seconds Show has come to an end. For the season finale, I decided to invite someone who would understand the concept of our show greatly.

So, I thought of inviting a teenager, who could both relate to the struggles of young adults and would have also made a name for herself in her passionate field of interest. The theme of this final episode was planned to revolve around YouTube and content creation, and how Gen-Z is drawn towards creating easy money through it.

Content creation across platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and more has been an appealing career option for adolescents these days. However, just like other streams, this is not a cakewalk and our latest guest throws some light on this issue.

To help my young audience get an insight into the field of YouTube, I invited the adolescent YouTuber Anastasia Neumann to my show. She is a lot of things in general but finds her passion in teaching people how to write novels and stories through her YouTube channel.

She has managed to develop a solid community, despite being eighteen, and has made people love her informative and intriguing content. Let’s learn more about Anastasia’s interesting work and how she manages her routine.

Ana is a Law Student

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About Anastasia Neumann

The last guest on the first season of our show was an eighteen-year-old YouTuber. Anastasia Neumann is not just an Australian YouTuber, but is also a second-year law student.

She is a polished podcaster as well, running her podcast, Writing with Ana Neu across various audio streaming platforms. She writes books, creates characters, edits plots, spins around a story, and shares her writing journey with her dedicated audience of about 50k subscribers on YouTube alone.

Ana Neu owns her thriving YouTube channel

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She loves writing stories and feels that every individual should be able to share their stories in the form of well-written books if they want to. Ana teaches people, young and old, to properly align their book-writing processes before they begin so that they do not feel intimidated.

Ana on her initial struggle

On what problems she faced while starting and managing her YouTube channel, Ana says,

“A lot of my time went into convincing my parents to allow me to start a YouTube channel. I was so excited to begin. But I had to change my initial form of content into something that had a slightly older target audience. I was getting traction, but it wasn’t exactly the audience group that I wanted to attract. So I jumped into content revolving around writing tips and advice.”

Ana Neu YouTube

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Ana has a tough schedule to follow and on burnouts, she says,

“Burnouts can be avoided to a large extent. We can sometimes hate the things we usually love, and it’s okay to do that. We should simply relax and let go of all the stress and adrenaline and jump back into the work when we feel ready, both mentally and physically.” 

We had a long talk on various topics revolving around how difficult it is to manage education along with passion, the struggles of being a content creator, solutions to a hectic routine, and much more. To listen to the quick ten-minute interview, visit the following link:

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