NMIXX at "Paris Fashion Week" ahead of the release of their first-ever EP "Expérgo."

NMIXX “Expérgo” (LIFE K-Pop Review)

NSWERs rejoice as NMIXX makes their initial comeback for 2023 with the release of their first-ever EP titled “Expérgo.” It’s quite an exciting time to be a fan of NMIXX, especially with this new release. The teasers certainly helped generate a huge amount of buzz, hinting at a possible musical direction change for the group, which some have been clamoring for.

This begs the question, “how is Expérgo by NMIXX any different from the group’s previous releases?” If you’re curious, don’t worry, we got you covered. We shall discuss the album’s carrier single “Love Me Like This,” as well as a few of our insights regarding this stylistic change in genres. Without further ado, this is a review of the first NMIXX EP Expérgo!

Love Me Like This

We want to begin this review by saying that Love Me Like This is the perfect song that showcases what NMIXX is capable of. From the vocal lines to the rap barres, every member of the group came out of this song shining.

This is the statement song NSWERS and K-Pop fans alike have been waiting for since NMIXX debuted back in February of last year, since they know how talented these girls are and they just needed that one song that will allow them to show that.

The track highlights the strong singing prowess of their vocal line, with some amazing harmonies throughout the song. The rap parts had great flow and were powerful enough that it keeps you wanting more well after the song is over. Love Me Like This is very reminiscent of early 2000s RnB and Hip-hop, from its music video to the song structure, and we’re all for it.

While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel in any way shape or form, it’s the “coming out party” song that NMIXX needed. We feel that Mixx Pop, when executed correctly can be a unique genre. That said, this new single just proves that if you give great material to talented idols, they’ll find a way to make it special, and that’s exactly what NMIXX did with this one.

Unlike their past songs that were good but needed time to truly capture your attention, Love Me Like This had us hooked from the jump. Suffice it to say this song highlights what NMIXX truly made of given the chance.

Loved It Like That (And Much More)

We’re beyond elated to say that this is the song that finally did justice to NMIXX’s talents. With Love Me Like This and the entire Expérgo EP as a package, this is undoubtedly the best outing from the girl group, thus far, and they truly became undeniable.

What did you think of NMIXX’s “Love Me Like This” and the new EP “Expérgo“?

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