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Most Memorable Stranger Things Episodes

In the summer of 2016, Netflix introduced us to Stranger Things, an 80s-inspired sci-fi show, which has taken the streaming platform by storm since its release.

The 80s nostalgia is endearing, but the mystery, action and character development has captivated audiences in every corner of the globe. The show has created household names such as Millie Bobby Brown and Gaten Matarazzo alongside established stars such as Winona Ryder and David Harbour.

Production for season 5 began in June 2023 – but subsequently paused due to the WGA strike. Recent reports have suggested that the fifth and final season of the smash hit show might not be seen until the second half of 2025. In preparation for season 5 and to celebrate Stranger Things Day (November 6), LWOS Life wanted to bring you the most memorable episodes from the show.

Memorable Stranger Things Episodes

Stranger Things: Dear Billy: Season 4, Episode 5

Stranger Things season 4 was a mind-blowing, action-packed series that fully embraced the horror genre with the introduction of Vecna. Episode 5 was a phenomenal offering from the Duffer Brothers, as Vecna identified Max as its next victim. She begins to experience haunting visions, as with the previous victims.

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The gang are terrified as Max is on the verge of becoming prey for Vecna. As she seems destined to die, she memorably fights for her life and begins running up that hill to safety.

The Vanishing of Will Byers: Season 1, Episode 1

The premiere of Stranger Things seems like a lifetime ago, but it was a great way to introduce this show to the world. The first episode shows the gang playing Dungeons and Dragons before Will Byers goes missing in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. Will makes it home after a night of D&D with his friends, where he’s confronted by something terrifying before vanishing. Police Chief Hopper is introduced to help with the search, and we all get to meet Eleven, who runs into Will’s friends while looking for somewhere safe to stay.

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The opening episode is brilliant as it pulls us in with plenty of majestic mystery and 80s vibes. There’s confusion regarding the whereabouts of Will and how Eleven fits into all this. If you’re starting your Stranger Things journey, all the dots will be connected by the very talented Duffer Brothers.

The Mind Flayer: Season 2, Episode 8

The conclusion of Season 2 was a truly memorable moment for the show, but it was the penultimate episode in that season that made our list. As Demogorgon escapes the lab, it all looks grim for Hawkins. The gang is assisted by Bob – who helps turn on the lights and get everyone to safety, while unfortunately dying in the process.

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The gang gather at Hopper’s home to decide how to defeat the monster while using the connection from Will to help. As they seem to be losing Will, they use memories to help him back, and he sends them an urgent message. As the gang fight for survival, Eleven shows up at the cabin door. 

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