The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Trailer Reveal

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Trailer Reveal

The Walking Dead concluded on November 20, 2022, after eleven seasons and 177 episodes. Since then, we have seen the smash hit spin-offs Dead City and Daryl Dixon. TWD treated us to many memorable moments as Rick Grimes and his gang tried to create a better world for them and future generations. Rick crossed paths with a slew of memorable villains throughout the 11 seasons. In preparation for the latest spin-off, The Ones Who Live, LWOS Life is bringing you our review of the trailer before the show hits our screens on February 25.

The Ones Who Live Trailer Reveal

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

The trailer showed us Rick and Michonne are getting closer to a reunion and a possible battle with the CRM. Aside from the reunion, the trailer showed us Rick is apparently unaware of RJ (his son). In the monologue from the trailer, he mentions his wife and daughter but makes no mention of his son, making it clear he’s not aware Michonne had given birth.

The Return of Jadis

The return of Jadis is something we had to mention. The addition of Polyanna McIntonish to the cast makes it the third TWD show she has featured on (TWD and World Beyond). It’s safe to assume she has risen further in the ranks of CRM, having removed Kublek from power during the World Beyond. Jadis has shown during her appearances in The Walking Dead that she is not trustworthy, and Rick and Michonne need to be careful of her.

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Safe Haven for Michonne?

Near the start of the trailer, we see Michonne approaching a wrecked ship labeled “safe harbor.” Could this be the new community in The Walking Dead franchise? Could this be a safe haven for Michonne, or is she walking into danger? She and Rick will surely need reinforcements to fight the CRM.

Terry O’Quinn

The trailer introduces us to Terry O’Quinn (General Beale), the leader of the CRM, as confirmed in World Beyond. Since his character was first mentioned, it was assumed he would be the main villain and opposition for Rick. It appears in the trailer Rick is willing to stay with the CRM, but don’t be surprised to see the two fall out sooner rather than later.

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The trailer teases a potential ally for Rick inside the CRM. It shows him talking to someone (Thorne) in a CRM uniform who says: Thank you, Grimes. You showed me I can’t get away.” This tells us all is not well inside the CRM. Rick’s attempted escape in The Walking Dead series finale may have brought this impression. 

Despite the trailer teasing us with what’s to come, we will have to wait for February 25 before we start to get answers.

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