Remixing Your Favorite TV Shows

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz recently announced Season Five of the cult-hit sitcom will be coming to Netflix soon. Along with the new season of banana stand-infused adventures (“There’s always money in the banana stand”), Hurwitz introduced plans to remix the fourth season. These are some of my favorite shows remixed.

Chef’s Favorite TV Shows (Remixed)

How I Met Your Mother

Lily and Marshall are tanning salon owners by day and fearless swingers by night. Ted is a ruthless lawyer. Robin is a blue collar factory worker from South Boston. Barney is a kindly Southern preacher. The gang meets in the gym where Barney prowls the racquetball courts like a lion watching an antelope and Lily and Marshall prowl the facility’s bar for prey like Dev Patel searching for his family in the movie Lion.


George is a player. Jerry lives with his parents. Elaine is a food critic. Kramer is a mild mannered adult who is respectful of his neighbor’s space. The gang meets in George’s apartment where they have to call Kramer to ask him to come over. Elaine is a big fan of the Boston Red Sox and swears she saw Mark Wahlberg at a Whole Foods in Cambridge. Jerry does not find humor in life. The show is packed with content. The gang is always doing something – the gang constantly seems to be doing important things that have a huge impact on society.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The gang is super polite. They love giving to others and sharing with the less fortunate. They make great decisions and would not do anything that could put themselves or someone else in peril. Charlie is an intellectual, a lifetime student with several college degrees and a dozen books published. Dee is a mother, the most tranquil and thoughtful woman in the world. Dennis is a family man, a father of two and respected pillar in the community. Mac is an expert of karate, known around the world for his skills and athletic prowess. Frank is an investor with a schedule full of speeches to give and first pitches to throw.

Animated Cartoons

The Simpsons

Ned Flanders is a professional wrestling fan. Comic Book Guy has never read a comic book. Bart cares. Maggie talks. Principal Skinner is still Armin Tamzarian and serving in the army. Barney is a coolheaded man of the world.

Family Guy

Quagmire works for Habitat For Humanity. Stewie leads a typical life for a baby, napping, crying and loving his parents. Brian is a dog so he doesn’t talk and write poetry and stuff he just sort of chills and waits for food. Meg is class president and the model student in her high school. Chris is fluent in French after studying abroad for a semester. Lois follows John Mayer on tour after playing the drums in an all women Pearl Jam cover band, Jeramina.

South Park

Kenny lives a normal life.

Single Camera Seesaws

The Office

Michael Scott is a ghost whisperer. Dwight is clean cut. Pam works as a fantasy football adviser in her free time. Creed is a good babysitter. Andy Bernard stopped caring. Meredith adopts a family of baby chickens.

Parks and Recreation

Andy has a 401k and a monthly budget. People shine his shoes. Ron Swanson is a yoga instructor who loves self affirmations, meditation and Kombucha. Ann Perkins listens to Red Hot Chili Peppers and goes loves paintballing, indoor trampoline basketball and Monster Energy drink. Leslie has never seen a paper clip. April is actively engaged in life.

Modern Family

Phil is a boring pencil pusher who has never broken out of magical shackles of society. Alex is the manager of a frozen yogurt shop while Hailey is an aspiring dental hygienist. Claire opens a hot yoga and smoothie shop. Gloria gets her own reality show called “The Colombian Hills” where she invests in a series of dim sum restaurants in a shark tank dim sum-based show inside “The Colombian Hills”. Jay is the owner of an outdoor ottoman company called “Ottomandela” which he named in honor of Matt Damon because his favorite movie is Invictus.

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