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B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: BNA Brewing – Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur

B.C. Beer Reviews is here today to look at a relative newcomer in BNA Brewing. Not only is their tasting room/brewery getting a lot of applause for being awesome, but the naming of their beers is as well. Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur is an American IPA that pays homage to a very, very solid comedic movie of recent past.

B.C. Beer Reviews: BNA Brewing – Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur

Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur is not only a popular style, but is named after a line from a popular comedic movie. This beer pays homage to that line and the style. Let’s crack this one open and see how it measures up to both.


This beer pours a semi-translucent brown colour from the can. This is something you would come to expect from a more malt-forward beer or an English IPA. In the glass it is a rather deep brown colour as well. This is rather dark for an American IPA in regards to SRM, but would match up perfectly if it was categorized as an English IPA.


There is a very present and noticeable sweet malty characteristic to this beer. It is reminiscent of caramelized sugar or even a very small dose of caramel itself. Once again, this matches up nicely with its counterpart across the pond.

Aside from the very present maltiness, the hops do play a significant role here. There is a light floral note at first from the hops. This is very subtle, and therefore a very pleasant note to lightly contrast the sweet malty notes at play in this beer.

Outside of that, there is an extremely light, and barely perceivable, citrus-like note as well. This is very much overshadowed by the floral and malty notes that dominate the aromatics of this brew.

Tasting Notes

Unsurprisingly, these notes seem to follow in line with the aromatics of this one. The only difference is that the first note you get is the hops. There is an instantaneous hit of floral bitterness to this beer that is both surprising and pleasant at the same time. It is the perfect level to make this a more balanced beer but continues to question the category to which this IPA should be placed into.

Behind that bitter start is a nice malty backbone that once again keeps this beer nicely balanced. There are notes of bread and bread crust in between the initial kick of bitterness and the lingering bitterness that this beer finishes off with. The floral and somewhat herbal bitterness lingers long after each sip.

Other Notes

The can is bright and vibrant. There is a design on the white label that consists of bright yellow and lime green with a big green dinosaur front and centre. Both a good name for a beer and good branding.

This beer pours a moderate head, with nothing to note in terms of retention. It does not dissipate immediately, but also is not around long enough to note.

There is a very light lacing on the glass from this one. There are very small patches here and there, and that is about it.

The carbonation level is moderate as well. Enough to be noticed, but that is about it.

Final Grade

This beer starts off with a good name and good branding. It follows through with what is a very well balanced beer on your palate and a fairly malt-forward beer in the aromatics. This beer certainly matches up better with an English IPA than it does with an American IPA, but the fact remains that it is a very solid brew.

Grade: 7.9/10

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Main photo by Nic Hendrickson, Lastword Inc., all rights reserved

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