PRODUCE 48 Episode 2: The First Task

The intensity of Produce 48 heightened significantly on episode two once the 96 trainees were given their first task: prepare a song and dance. Grouped based on their evaluation that started last episode, the contestants were taught a dance routine and a song that included Japanese, Korean, and English lyrics. The range of lyrics were a concern for many trainees, as the majority of the cast were only well versed in one language. After training classes and independent training time, the contestants were set for a second evaluation, this time grading solo performances of the show’s title track “PICK ME (Nekkoya)”.

Produce 48 Contestants Prepare for First Major Task

Conclusion of Initial Grading

At the beginning of the episode we saw the final of the initial evaluations with Miyawaki Sakura and Matsui Jurina being the key performances. Both were touted by colleagues as mega-stars. Jurina, who is a senior member of group SKE48 received a B, while Sakura, a high up member of AKB48, got an A. This gave Japanese trainees hope, since up until then there had only been low marks for them.

The Training Process

When the tryouts were done, everyone was sent to a dorm where they were split up by their grades. The A group were given shiny pink shirts, while the F group were given bleak grey shirts. For the next few days the groups would be given classes from the trainers that evaluated them before. The F class seemed more determined than anyone else with members being determined to get out of the group since they were labeled as “backups” for the music video. The environment for training was very supportive with many Korean and Japanese trainees overcoming a language barrier while helping each other out. Viewers were given a sympathetic spotlight on Chiba Erii, a F class trainee who struggled immensely throughout the episode.

Emotions Boil Over

A good summary of the emotions felt throughout the episode was the phone call segment. During this, everyone was given a chance for one phone call. Some calls were lighthearted exchanges, while others were very emotional. The episode ended with the judges looking through the second round of grade evaluations. Most of the footage shown was negative. The end of the episode showed a few trainees grades, also teasing that someone got transferred from A down to F.

A Team (company) trainee Kim Cho-yeon was given a spotlight during the episode, but is at a very low rank on the second round of fan voting. She dropped from 68th to 75th, although we should expect her to have a huge rise in the rankings by next week. This delay happened to many people highlighted on the first episode. The people on the first episode who were given screen time ranked low, but then shot up in the rankings this week.

Biggest Movers:

  1. Wang Ke (+59)
  2. Yoo Min-young (+54)
  3. Hwang So-yeong (+45)
  4. Yamada Noe (+36)
  5. Jo Ga-yeon (+29)

Standing Changes

The trio from HOW Entertainment that starred in the viral Celeb Five clip saw a huge rise in rankings, with Wang Ke going up 59 spots, Yoo Min-young going up 54 and Kim Min-seo going up by 23. Yamada Noe also saw a huge rise in the rankings, breaking into the top 12 after rising by 36 spots. Noe wasn’t favorited much for her performance but instead for her awkward charisma outside of performing. A huge drop for Noe next week wouldn’t be much of a surprise as she got no camera time on the second episode. Miyawaki Sakura, who took the first #1 spot of the season dropped four places, which one can assume was because she had no appearance on the first episode. Lee Ga-eun took #1 after an emotional return to TV on the first episode.

Looking Ahead to Episode 3

Next episode we get to see the shuffle in grading after the second evaluation, with what should be another emotional episode. The F graded trainees are desperate to get out of their rank, and A graded trainees are intimidated by the standards they are expected to live up to. Whether each group can overcome their challenge is still do be decided.

Full Week 2 Rankings:

(ALSO WORTH NOTING: Focused camera performances of each performer is linked on their name)

Contestant Agency Evaluation Rank EP1 Rank EP2 Change
Lee Ga-eun Pledis Entertainment (K) A 5 1 +4
Ahn Yoo-jin Starship Entertainment (K) B 2 2 0
Kwon Eun-bi Woollim Entertainment (K) A 25 3 +22
Jang Won-young Starship Entertainment (K) B 3 4 -1
Miyawaki Sakura HKT48 (J) A 1 5 -4
Choi Ye-na Yuehua Entertainment (K) A 7 6 +1
Wang Yi-ren Yuehua Entertainment (K) B 11 7 +4
Goto Moe AKB48 (J) F 16 8 +8
Yamada Noe NGT48 (J) C 45 9 +36
Lee Chae-yeon WM Entertainment (K) A 29 10 +19
Takeuchi Miyu AKB48 (J) A 39 11 +28
Matsui Jurina SKE48 (J) B 4 12 -8
Kim Si-hyeon Yuehua Entertainment (K) B 15 13 +2
Jang Gyu-ri Stone Music Entertainment (K) B 6 14 -8
Heo Yoo-jin Pledis Entertainment (K) C 19 15 +4
Miyazaki Miho AKB48 (J) D 17 16 -1
Kim Min-ju Urban Works (K) D 13 17 -4
Lee Si-an Stone Music Entertainment (K) C 8 18 -10
Jo Yu-ri Stone Music Entertainment (K) A 10 19 -9
Na Go-eun Rainbow Bridge World (K) A 36 20 +16
Kim Chae-won Woollim Entertainment (K) B 21 21 0
Shiroma Miru NMB48 (J) B 9 22 -13
Kojima Mako AKB48 (J) C 12 23 -11
Iwatate Saho AKB48 (J) B 46 24 +22
Kim Do-ah FENT (K) A 31 25 +6
Park Seo-young Independent (K) C 34 26 +8
Yabuki Nako HKT48 (J) F 14 27 -13
Muto Tomu AKB48 (J) D 23 28 -5
Takahashi Juri AKB48 (J) B 20 29 -9
Bae Eun-yeong Stone Music Entertainment (K) C 18 30 -22
Murakawa Bibian HKT48 (J) F 28 31 -3
Yoo Min-young HOW Entertainment (K) A 86 32 +54
Wang Ke HOW Entertainment (K) B 92 33 +59
Ko Yoo-jin Blockberry Creative (K) C 24 34 -10
Park Hae-yoon FNC Entertainment (K) A 59 35 +24
Jo Ga-hyeon Starship Entertainment (K) B 65 36 +29
Nakanishi Chiyori AKB48 (J) D 22 37 -15
Chiba Erii AKB48 (J) F 27 38 -11
Kim Min-seo HOW Entertainment (K) C 62 39 +23
Kang Hye-won 8D Creative (K) F 38 40 -2
Asai Nanami AKB48 (J) F 26 41 -15
Motomura Aoi HKT48 (J) D 37 42 -5
Murase Sae NMB48 (J) D 32 43 -11
Kim So-hee Woollim Entertainment (K) C 48 44 +4
Shitao Miu AKB48 (J) D 41 45 -4
Hwang So-yeong Wellmade Yedang (K) A 91 46 +45
Honda Hitomi AKB48 (J) C 30 47 +17
Lee Yu-jeong CNC Entertainment (K) C 33 48 -15
Park Jinny Independent (K) C 52 49 +3
Yoon Hae-sol The Music Works (K) B 40 50 -10
Kim Su-yun Woollim Entertainment (K) C 58 51 +7
Choi Yeon-soo YG K-Plus (K) D 47 52 -5
Nakano Ikumi AKB48 (J) D 43 53 -10
Hasegawa Rena NGT48 (J) D 61 54 +7
Matsuoka Natsumi HKT48 (J) F 35 55 -20
Park Min-ji MND17 (K) B 49 56 -7
Shin Su-hyun Fave Entertainment (K) D 42 57 -15
Lee Ha-eun MNH Entertainment (K) A 51 58 -7
Mogi Shinobu AKB48 (J) F 44 59 -15
Lee Seong-hyeon WM Entertainment (K) B 66 60 +6
Aramaki Misaki HKT48 (J) F 50 61 -11
Jo Yeong-in WM Entertainment (K) B 74 62 +12
Kim Na-young Banana Culture (K) C 55 63 -8
Imada Mina HKT48 (J) D 53 64 -11
Kim Da-yeon CNC Entertainment (K) B 60 65 -5
Sato Minami AKB48 (J) D 57 66 -9
Oda Erina AKB48 (J) C 56 67 -11
Yoon Eun-bin CNC Entertainment (K) B 54 68 -14
Park Chan-ju MND17 (K) C 85 69 +16
Park Ji-eun Rainbow Bridge World (K) C 77 70 +7
Tanaka Miku HKT48 (J) F 63 71 -8
Kim Hyun-ah Collazoo Company (K) B 67 72 -5
Kato Yuuka NMB48 (J) C 71 73 -3
Kang Da-min Wellmade Yedang (K) B 70 74 -4
Kim Cho-yeon A Team (K) A 68 75 -7
Hong Ye-ji CNC Entertainment (K) B 76 76 0
Won Seo-yeon MMO Entertainment (K) C 81 77 +4
Jo Ah-yeong FNC Entertainment (K) C 83 78 +5
Han Cho-won Cube Entertainment (K) D 64 79 -15
Asai Yuka SKE48 (J) F 69 80 -11
Nagano Serika AKB48 (J) F 72 81 -11
Naiki Kokoro NMB48 (J) D 75 82 -7
Ichikawa Manami AKB48 (J) F 79 83 -4
Kurihara Sae HKT48 (J) F 73 84 -9
Son Eun-chae Million Market (K) C 95 85 +10
Alex Christine ZB Label (K) B 88 86 +2
Shinozaki Ayana AKB48 (J) F 84 87 -4
Ahn Ye-won YG K-Plus (K) F 82 88 -6
Kim Da-hye Banana Culture (K) A 80 89 -9
Jo Sa-rang Million Market (J) B 89 90 -1
Tsukiashi Amane HKT48 (J) F 78 91 -13
Choi So-eun The Music Works (K) B 87 92 -5
Kim Yu-bin CNC Entertainment (K) B 90 93 -3
Lee Chae-jeong MND17 (K) C 96 94 +2
Umeyama Cocona NMB48 (J) F 94 95 -1
Uemura Azusa NMB48 (J( F 93 96 -3


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