A Jurassic Review, Vol. 4: Jurassic World

Welcome back, folks. It’s been a while since our last dinosaur adventure. Time to shift gears once again, and leave Isla Sorna for good. Prepare to purchase a ticket for the nostalgia train, we’re heading back to where it all began: Isla Nublar. No, we’re not walking through Hell and back. This time, we’re taking a wonderful trip through Paradise. However, a few serpents are hiding in the garden. And we’re not talking only about the dinosaurs. Welcome, to Jurassic World.

A Jurassic Review: Vol. 4

Anatomy for Disaster

More than a decade has passed since the last Jurassic Park movie, and we as a society have almost forgotten about dinosaurs. Fans from all over were left hanging at the end of Jurassic Park III. There rumors left and right, theories all over the place, whether or not there would be another Jurassic Park movie. It almost seemed the franchise would be left to gather dust on the shelf.

However, a light broke through the darkness. Yes, a glimmer of hope. Rumors broke and theories had been confirmed. The long fabled installment had been christened: Jurassic World. 

22 years have passed since the incident on Isla Nublar, but the successors to Ingen have constructed a fully functional theme park filled with dinosaurs. It truly is a paradise. People from all over the world revel in the majesty known as dinosaurs, in a place where nothing could possibly go wrong.

Like previous films, new faces are now with the Jurassic Park family. Goofy slob turned action hero Chris Pratt as a raptor trainer, park management lead played by Bryce Dallas Howard, security division lead played by Vincent D’Onofrio, nerdy technician played by Jake Johnson. And the lovely return of Dr. Wu, played by B.D. Wong. All the while being directed by the genius Colin Trevorrow.

It’s like True Romance, with cameos left and right.

Unfortunately, the gilded underbelly of this corporate giant is about to show its more sinister side.

The Good: Louder, Scarier and More Awesome

Much like previous films, Jurassic World managed to showcase an awesome slew of both new and familiar dinosaurs. The cast is new but brings with them a massive case of nostalgia.

While the raptors and T. Rex still manage to capture audiences from all around, it’s time we talk about the main star of the movie. In 2015, we were introduced to the Indominus Rex. While its name means “untamable king,” this fictitious dinosaur managed to scare the pants off of fans and movie-goers alike. This genetic hybrid monster is a sinister amalgamation of many dinosaurs, including part Velociraptor and T. Rex. Smart, dangerous, and loud, it truly is a nightmare.

However, what got fans truly going is Owen Grady and his Raptor Squad. A pack of highly-trained and ferocious Velociraptors, it consists of Echo, Delta, and Charlie, and is led by Blue. And their alpha is none other than the man, the myth, the legend… Chris Pratt. A hot hunk armed with badass dinosaurs–you couldn’t ask for a better meme or combination.

The most amazing factor of Jurassic World amazing was how it touched upon nostalgia. Especially for fans who saw the first Jurassic Park movie, it was a breath of fresh air, and reminded fans of their childhood. It was breathtaking and exhilarating.

The Bad: Explosions Galore, Cheesy Dialogue

Despite being a film over-saturated with hot celebrities, intense action sequences, and cool dinosaurs, it still missed the mark of what previous have films failed to do in the past: identify the philosophies of Jurassic Park.

More discussion of genetics, the law of nature, and how we humans need more humility could have provided stronger themes for the movie. While they were technically there, they were barely touched upon. Sure, both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard received high marks for their performance, some of their exchanges came off as cheesy and weak.

More background information on our cast of characters would have been appreciated. Sure, Owen is a great guy, but why did he shift his career from the U.S. Navy to a dinosaur theme park? Why has Ingen resurfaced as a more militant group instead of a genetic company? Was Claire’s family life more stressful than her job? Many questions remain unanswered.

The Last Word: Dinosaurs are Mainstream Again

In final review, Jurassic World smashed records and has become a staple within pop culture. It renewed the love and passion that people have for dinosaurs. Of course, no movie is absolute perfection. But Jurassic World is close to being perfect. It is a great movie and set the bar for future Jurassic Park movies. It captured the soul of the very first installment, and fans and movie-goers can only hope for more frights and thrills in future movies. Still, more Velociraptors and Chris Pratt wouldn’t be too bad, right?

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