Dark Phoenix: First Impressions on the First Trailer

When 20th Century Fox tweeted that to be looking out for a trailer for the new X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie, the world waited to see the first look at the popular storyline. The anticipation for how this movie will compare to the one in the first trilogy of X-Men may only be intensified by this trailer. The trailer may give some impressions of the quality of the film.

Dark Phoenix: The First Impressions

Since Fox did a reboot of the X-Men universe with X-Men: First Class, they have had success in creating a new storyline with some familiar and new faces to the mutant team. With Dark Phoenix being the fourth movie in the series, and the storyline where the first trilogy ended, the question of the direction they go next is still up in the air. Some of these answers may be found in the movie, but that will be discussed at a later time.

First Impressions

Before proceeding, for those that have not seen the trailer for the Dark Phoenix, they can find it below:

My very first impression was that the movie has the potential to be great. The trailer does not appear to give away important parts of the movie. Now, most the truth of these statements won’t be discovered until the movie is released on February 14, 2019, but the first trailer gives hope for the final product. I’m sure a second trailer will be released at later date, but if this is the only look we get into the movie, I believe that it is sufficient in gaining intrigue.

A Deeper Look

In the trailer, there are details from small to not so small. In order to dive in, we’re going to work from big to small and break down the trailer.

For starters, the movie will add a little bit more depth to Jean’s character by adding more of her backstory. This is evidenced in the first few shots of the trailer. We see a younger Jean possibly killing her parents in a car accident and being taken in by Professor Xavier. This is most likely to show the power she had a young age and the danger she can and ultimately will become.

The next scene that stood out was a shot of a burial. While this could very likely be Cyclops, there is a possibility it could also be for another character, even the Dark Phoenix herself. While in this story arc Cyclops dies trying to save Jean, the next shot of Xavier being sad could also be for Jean as he could feel he failed her.

In terms of futures movies, there are some scenes that, while relevant to this movie, could also be used a set up for the next movies. The first instance of this is what looks like the military using men to take down the Dark Phoenix. The fact that the military gets involved and the destruction Jean could cause might lead to more hostility towards mutants. This possibly leads legislature to be proposed to limit future destruction. This could open the doors for Hank McCoy to go to Washington and bring about acceptance for all through democracy.

On the other end of acceptance through peaceful means is Magneto. There is a shot of a secluded village of people followed by a shot of Magneto in front of a trailer in the same condition as the rest of the village. A little later in the trailer, Magneto dons his famous helm and shows malice towards Xavier’s methods in handling Jean. These scenes together could be the beginning of the group of mutants Magneto forms to provide a better way of life for themselves, and other mutants, not always through peaceful means.

Last Word on the First X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer

Overall, the trailer provided some hype for the upcoming movie and didn’t appear to spoil the story. There are a lot more details to be seen in the trailer than what was mentioned. The Dark Phoenix trailer shows that the X-Men franchise may have a bright future.

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