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B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Four Winds Brewing – Pluum

As always, Four Winds Brewing is coming at you with some complex and delicious beers. If there was a list of top breweries in producing foeder-aged beers, Fours Winds would most certainly be towards the top of everyone’s list. B.C. Beer Reviews is here to take a look at Pluum.

B.C. Beer Reviews: Four Winds Brewing – Pluum


This beer pours an ever so slightly cloudy amber colour. In the glass, the amber colour has a very slight purple hue to it. It is a very pleasant colour for the beer.


You get a very nice tropical and funky Brettanomyces aromatic from this beer. It has the sweet pineapple and definite funk of Brett or barrel aged beers. Considering this is a foeder-aged beer, this is less than surprising and extremely pleasant.

There is also a sweet and almost citrus-like aromatic to this beer. It goes along nicely with the pineapple and funky aromas that this beer hits you with immediately.

Tasting Notes

The Brettanomyces dominates here, but is light enough to the point to let a bit of the plum and a wood character come through nicely.

There is a very predominant funky/barnyard note that you get with foeder-aged beers that use Brett. It presents you with a slight tropical note, but nowhere near as strong as you get it in the aromatics of this beer.

There is an extremely dry finish to this beer, but it has the sweet notes of plums to go along with it to balance it out. It is a nice finish for an otherwise delicious and complex beer.

Other Notes

As always, Four Winds Brewing has a nice and simplistic label on the bottle. Pill-shaped colours of yellow, green, red and purple are in front of a half yellow-half purple design. It is simple, but it is quite pleasant.

There is a high level of carbonation to this beer. It helps to accentuate the complex aromatics and tastes this beer has to offer.


This is a complex yet approachable beer overall. There is a nice plum note in both the aromatics and the taste. This foeder-aged beer using Brett presents you with the typical funky and slightly tropical notes you want. Overall, this is a delicious beer.

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Main photo by Nic Hendrickson, Lastword Inc., all rights reserved

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