Dungeons and Dragons: More Than a Game

When you think of Dungeons and Dragons, for most people, it is the stereotypical “nerdy” looking group of guys in a basement. This image is used a lot in movies and television and helps fuel that negative stigma surrounding the game. Of course, until a few years ago, I thought the same thing. I learned that there is more depth to this game than just rolling dice.

A Real Look into Dungeons and Dragons

It is not uncommon for games to be fun and teach valuable skills. Stratego teaches strategy; Risk teaches patience; Monopoly teaches you how count, manage money, and who your true friends are. Much like those, Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, is more than just rolling dice. It can teach about teamwork, creativity, and quick thinking. These skills that you can gain make it worth trying the game out for yourself.

Fear Not The Complexity

For the many people who have looked into playing D&D, it is undeniable that one of the first thoughts is how complex it appears. Between the different options to choose from, rules for combat, rules for social interaction, the list goes continues. However, once you start getting into it, it becomes easier to understand. While some questions will still arise due to interpretation, the D&D community is very good at answering questions in the many forums that exist online. This includes the other people that may be in your party.

When doing your first campaign, the story that your character will be involved in, having the right group and dungeon master can make your experience better. Have a dungeon master who has experience with D&D can help ease you into and answer all your questions helps a lot in the first outing. For me, I had a great dungeon master who made sure we were enjoying ourselves and would take the time to explain things and eliminate any stress.

Infinite Possibilities

Despite the many rules, there are still many options and ways to play. You have the option to create your character however you want. Even with premade options, you can create your own options. The limits are your own imagination. When doing the campaign, the dungeon master can use a premade option or they can create their own world with their own story. The creation that begins even before the dice start rolling shows the creativity that exists in the game.

Once the campaign begins, the creativity does not end. As your character, you will make decisions and have to solve problems that are faced. The use of creativity is useful in these situations. Often having to solve riddles or complex conflict strengthens the skill of having to think outside of the box.

A Critical Role

Throughout the campaign, there will be many situations where time is against you. You will need to make decisions under pressure of time. Being put in these positions will help you become better at making critical decisions in a small time window. Quick thinking has many uses outside of the game, but D&D helps you hone this skill. When combined with the creativity, the critical decision making can become better in the real world.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

One of the most important elements of D&D is the party. The premise of the game involves working together with other people to form a party. They work together to solve the problems in the campaign. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the party and using everyone’s skills to accomplish a goal is standard. This also includes communicating between everyone in the party is crucial for a successful party.

Last Word on Dungeons and Dragons

While often viewed negatively, Dungeons and Dragons is a game that more than just rolling dice. It teaches many useful skills that can be used in professional and everyday situations. Using creativity, quick thinking, and teamwork to accomplish a goal is the backbone of this game. It is for these reasons that I recommend people try D&D and see that there is more to this game.

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