Champion Reveal: Sylas, the Unshackled

The mysterious “chain character” has been revealed and is the first new champion to bring in the new year for Riot Games. Sylas is his name, and he means business.

We saw our first teaser for a new champion last year, locked away. Shrouded in mystery. After months of teasers and reveals, the League of Legends community has gotten a taste of who Sylas is and what he can do. And by the looks of his reveal video, Sylas looks powerful and deadly.

Champion Bio and Story:

Hailing from Demacia, Sylas was born into a low-income family. Despite his wealth and status, Sylas felt destined to serve the crown and his nation. Born with magical abilities, one fateful night sealed his fate and he was left to rot in prison. Years of imprisonment molded Sylas into a bitter, angst-ridden man. However, the chains of solitude could not hold him back. Mad with power, he is ready to force an entire nation on their knees.

In-game, Sylas is a melee-range mage with long range spells that deal magic damage. He thrives both in duels and in the thick of a fight. His chains do a lot more than lash out at you. They unleash a force like no other.

Spell Kit:

Petricite Burst

Sylas’ passive, Petricite Burst, allows Sylas to lash out his chains in a circle after he casts a spell. It deals magic damage and works well in close quarters. Petricite Burst can hit multiple enemies which makes Sylas a potential engage tool in fights. While this passive sounds simple in design, it can offer excellent waveclear in lane and damage in a fight.

His first spell, Chain Lash, throws out both of his chains in linear directions, damaging and slowing all enemies. After a short delay, a small area detonates, damaging and slowing enemies again.

This unique spell allows the player controlling Sylas to change the directions of where to lash out with the chains. Two straight lines or a crosscut section of both chains. The opponent will never know where they might land. Also, typical bread and butter spell, an excellent tool for damage and farming minion waves.


His second spell, Kingslayer, allows Sylas to dash to an enemy, damaging them and healing Sylas in the process. If the target is low on health, the damage output is increased. But if Sylas is low on health, the healing is further increased.

A unique gap closer with excellent effects. The heal might seem overloaded but is necessary on a mage who is a melee fighter. This spell is possibly the first tool a player needs to start a fight or finish off an enemy. Similar to Irelia’s iconic spell, Bladesurge.


His third spell, Abscond/Abduct, is another movement spell. Allowing Sylas to dash a short distance, he gains a shield and can recast this spell to pull himself to the first enemy hit, stunning them with his chains. Possibly another gap closer, this spell might even seem greater for starting fights than Kingslayer.

The shield will come in handy when escaping a deadly confrontation. The grapple line mechanic is reminiscent of Camille landing her Hookshot. Pick an easy target, land your chains, hook, line, and sinker.


Lastly, Sylas’ ultimate spell is Hijack. A single-click targeting spell, Sylas steals an enemy’s ultimate for his own use. Enemies can still use their own ultimates. Sylas cannot target the same enemy with Hijack for a while.

Let me repeat that. Steals. An. Enemy’s. Ultimate. This spell is bonkers. An excellent tool for turning the tide in a fight. Executing opponents with their own arsenal. It’s genius. Just imagine taking any champion ultimate for your own use. Aatrox’ World Ender. Leona’s Solar Flare. Zed’s Death Mark. Soraka’s Wish. The possibilities are endless.

Last Word on Sylas, the Unshackled

Overall, Sylas sounds extremely overpowered as a champion on paper. However, he doesn’t seem that “busted” gameplay wise. As with any new champion or rework, there are inherent combos that take practice, patience, and perseverance. He does sound extremely fun to play. If anything, his damage output would be the first target of a nerf. From a competitive standpoint, Sylas might require support and perfect team compositions.


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