Produce X 101 Episode One

PRODUCE X 101 Episode One: Unleash The X

Produce X 101 officially kicked off last week with the first episode of the season. The episode introduced the viewers to some competitors, playing performances and unveiling some initial grades. The format in how the season premiere ran was similar to seasons before.

A Review of Produce X 101 Episode One

Changes To This Season

There have been a few minor changes implemented into the show this year. In previous seasons, all members of a group were determined by the vote on the season finale episode. This year, the first nine slots on the team will be determined by the finale votes, with the tenth slot being based off total votes in all rankings throughout the season. Also, the grading will change this year. Instead of the previous grades of A, B, C, D, and F being given, X will replace F. Not only that, the people graded with X will not be allowed inside the training center that the other grades can access.

The Beginning of Episode One

The show began with contestants taking their seats on the set. Many people sat in the #1 seat on set, with the person changing after they would be challenged for it. Yun Seobin from JYP Entertainment got the seat after defeating Lee Midam in arm wrestling. Later in the show, he got to do a one-minute promotional video because he sat in the #1 seat. Contestants were surprised that trainees from YG and JYP were taking part in this season.

After everyone was seated, more members of this season’s cast were introduced. Lee Dong-wook, the new international representative introduced everyone. The two vocal trainers for the season were Lee Seok-hoon and Shin Yu-mi, with Soyou being a part of the panel on the first episode. The dance trainers are Bae Yoon-Jeong, Kwon Jae-Seung, and Choi Young-jun. Just like in seasons before, Cheetah was the rap trainer.

Ko Ko Battle

The way Produce shows start is by giving each trainee a letter grade after they perform a song. They performed along with fellow company members for this first challenge. The first performances we saw were from Source Music and DSP Media. They were intentionally paired up together since they both performed EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop.” Source Music was criticized for focusing a lot on dancing but lacking in the vocal department. All three members were given a D rating. Son Dongpyo stuck out in DSP Media as a bright performer. They made him do a solo dance to MOMOLAND’s “Bboom Bboom” afterward. Dongpyo and Lee Hwan were given B’s while Lee Junhyuk got a C.

X’s Everywhere!

Starship Entertainment was the biggest group on this episode, with five of them performing. They performed “Oh Little Girls” by Slate and didn’t get positive feedback. Three of them (Kang Minhee, Koo Jungmo & Song Hyeongjun) were given an X rating while Moon Hyunbin and Ham Wonjin got a D rating. To further add to their troubles, two of them turned down the offer to do a solo dance afterward. The Maroo Entertainment and Cre.ker performers also didn’t see success, with X ratings being given to some of their trainees as well. The Maroo trio performed “Replay” by SHINee, with Lee Woojin and Lee Taeseung getting an X. Lee Jinwoo got a C. Cre.ker performer Gwon Huijun played “Lie” by BTS and got an X. Continuing the streak of X’s, Plasma Entertainment’s Park Sion was given one after singing and dancing to “MIC Drop” by BTS.

Dropping One Career To Chase Another

The first A of the show came after a unique performance from Kim Yohan. His backstory was that he followed his father’s footsteps in taekwondo but left his successful career to pursue becoming an idol. He performed “Come back to me” by Se7en while wearing Heelys. He did another dance afterward at the judge’s request, this time without the Heelys. We then went from a former taekwondo fighter to an actor in Park Sunho. He’s the oldest competitor at 27, trying to make it into a group after failing to debut twice. Soyou was emotional on the panel because he was a trainee at Starship Entertainment (her label) when she was starting off. He sang “Youth” by Troye Sivan and then performed a ballad after that to earn a B rank.

The Return of Kim Dongbin

We saw a special return on episode one, as Kim Dongbin started off his second Produce 101 season. He participated in Produce 101 Season 2, not debuting. He asked Jae Seung to hide his hands when performing, a callback to Season 2 where Seung’s adjusting of an earpiece made Dongbin think he was being signaled to stop performing, which ensued tears in the moment. Also a callback, Kim performed NCT DREAM’s “Chewing Gum,” followed by “Perfect Man” by SHINHWA. He got a B, which is way better than how he started his first season. On the flipside, Kwon Taeeun performed “Siren” by SUNMI and became another victim of the X.

Success Late In The Episode

The three final companies on the episode were Brand New Music, MBK and Music Works. The four-member team at Brand New Music performed a song composed by their company and got two A’s and two B’s. MBK was given a wild range of scores after performing “Roly Poly” by T-ara and “Boomerang” by Wanna One. Nam Dohyon got an A while Lee Hangyul got a C and Kim Yeongsang got a D. They were high on Dohyon, giving him a rap solo after the initial routine. The show ended on a high note when Kim Kookheon and Song Yuvin both got A’s after performing “Spring Day” by BTS and “O.G.” by Troyboi.

On the first episode of voting (which for anyone that doesn’t know, means nothing), Kim Mingyu from Jellyfish Entertainment placed first. Koo Jungmo, who got an X ranking is second. The lowest placing A is Yun Junghwa, who placed 58th.

Next Week on Produce X 101

Next week we’ll see the final initial grading, and the first challenges after all of the members move into the dorm.

Other Episode Recaps:

Episode 0

Episode One Ranking

Week 1 Rank Trainee Grade Agency
1 Kim Mingyu Jellyfish Entertainment
2 Koo Jungmo X Starship Entertainment
3 Kim Yohan A Oui Entertainment
4 Cha Junho Woollim Entertainment
5 Kim Wooseok TOP Media
6 Son Dongpyo B DSP Media
7 Lee Eugene Individual Trainee
8 Lee Sejin iME Korea
9 Song Hyungjun X Starship Entertainment
10 Lee Jinwoo C Maroo Entertainment
11 Kwang Minhee X Starship Entertainment
12 Yun Seobin JYP Entertainment
13 Hwang Yunseong Woollim Entertainment
14 Lee Eunsang A Brand New Music
15 Kim Dongyoon Woollim Entertainment
16 Han Gichan Fantagio
17 Song Yuvin A Music Works
18 Park Sion X Plasma Entertainment
18 Kim Dongbin B MLD Entertainment
19 Ham Wonjin D Starship Entertainment
20 Choi Byungchan Plan A Entertainment
21 Kang Seokhwa Individual Trainee
22 Kim Sunghyun Stone Music Entertainment
23 Keum Donghyun C9 Entertainment
24 Joo Changuk Woollim Entertainment
25 Moon Junho Woollim Entertainment
26 Lee Taejin X Maroo Entertainment
27 Moon Hyunbin D Starship Entertainment
28 Kim Hyunbin D Source Music
29 Kim Kookheon A Music Works
30 Baek Jin VINE Entertainment
31 Wei Ziyue HONGYI Entertainment
32 Lee Midam AAP.Y
33 Yuri ESteem
34 Peak Chandelier Music
35 Jeon Hyunwoo Astory Entertainment
36 Park Sunho B sidusHQ
37 Nam Dohyon A MBK
38 Lee Jinhyuk TOP Media
39 Han Seungwoo Plan A Entertainment
40 Lee Hyeop Individual Trainee
41 Lee Hangyul C MBK
42 Wang Jyunhao YG Entertainment
43 Kim Sihun B Brand New Music
44 Kwon Huijun X Cre.ker Entertainment
45 Nam Donghyun The South
46 Lee Hwan B DSP Media
47 Hidaka Mahiro YG Entertainment
48 Kim Minseo Woollim Entertainment
49 Anzardi Timothee ESteem
50 Lee Hamin Individual Trainee
51 Im Siu Individual Trainee
52 Lee Woojin X Maroo Entertainment
53 Hong Seongjun B Brand New Music
54 Kim Sungyeon Individual Trainee
55 Tony HONGYI Entertainment
56 Choi Suhwan Individual Trainee
57 Tsai Chiahao D Source Music
58 Yun Junghwan A Brand New Music
59 Choi Junseong Jellyfish Entertainment
60 Byeon Seongtae Urban Works Media
61 Kim Jingon ESteem
62 Jung Youngbin Individual Trainee
63 Woo Jewon Around Us Entertainment
64 Park Jinyeol Individual Trainee
65 Jeong Jaehun Around Us Entertainment
66 Hwang Geumryul Yuehua Entertainment
67 Cho Seungyoun Yuehua Entertainment
68 Lee Junhyuk C DSP Media
69 Choi Sihyuk Around Us Entertainment
70 Steven Kim DS Entertainment
71 Song Changha Kiwi Media Group
72 Won Hyunsik Happy Face Entertainment
73 Lee Jaebin C9 Entertainment
74 Kwon Taeeun X A.CONIC
75 Choi Jinhwa WUZO Entertainment
76 Kim Dongkyu Urban Works Media
77 Lee Wonjun E Entertainment
78 Yu Seongjun Yuehua Entertainment
79 Kang Hyeonsu AAP.Y
80 Kim Kwanwoo Krazy Entertainment
81 Kim Seunghwan ESteem
82 Park Yoonsol NEST Entertainment
83 Won Hyuk E Entertainment
84 Park Sion Plasma Entertainment
85 Lee Gyuhyung WM Entertainment
86 Hong Sunghyeon Urban Works Media
87 Kim Junjae Think About Entertainment
88 Uehara Jun JH1
89 Kim Minseo Urban Works Media
90 Jung Myunghoon AAP.Y
91 Choi Byunghoon Enfant Terrible Company
92 Sung Minseo SF Entertainment
93 Kim Yeongsang D MBK
94 Heo Jinho Astory Entertainment
95 Lee Sangho Gost Entertainment
96 Yoon Mingook D Source Music
97 Kim Hyeongmin Kiwi Media Group
98 Yun Hyunjo Gost Entertainment
99 Oh Saebom NEST Entertainment
100 Lim Dahun Kiwi Media Group
101 Yoo Geunmin Million Market


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