Produce X 101 Episode Four

Produce X 101 Episode Two: Trainees Learn “X1-MA”

Produce X 101 episode two saw the conclusion of the initial grading process and then training for the title track of the show “X1-MA.” While we only saw the majority of the grading of the course of the first two episodes, all grades are online.

A Recap of Produce X 101Episode Two

The Departure of Yun Seo-bin

Before we get into the episode, it’s worth noting a big story involving the show that came out last week. JYP’s lone trainee on the show Yun Seo-bin had his contract terminated by the label after claims surfaced about him being a bully in school. JYP Entertainment stated “after determining that the policies of JYP Entertainment are not being followed, we have decided to terminate the contract of trainee Yun Seo Bin, who is currently appearing on Mnet’s ‘Produce X 101.’ As a result, he will also be leaving the program.” He was ranked 12th on the first episode of the show.

Episode 1 Ranking Reactions

The show started with the cast of Produce X 101 watching the first episode. We saw their reactions to moments on the show, as well as their reaction to the initial ranking. Kim Min-gyu felt he wasn’t worthy of the #1 spot, which works out well for him since he isn’t in it this week. But we’ll get to that later. Yoo Geun-min was very sad about being in last place.

The Final First Performances

The first label to be graded on this show was ESteem Entertainment. They were praised for their looks, and did an impromptu runway before their performance. The group played “Killing Me” by iKON. Just a little side note, but the knockoff instrumental of the song that was used sounded horrendous. Yuri impressed the trainers, with him being asked to do a dance routine afterwards. He was given a B while his teammates were all given X’s.

E Entertainment’s duo of Lee Won-jun and Won Hyuk came out next. They were appreciated for their clumsiness and cuteness. They performed “Jackpot” by Block B, which, coincidentally, gave them both B’s.

Woollim Have A Rocky Start

Woollim Entertainment, a label that found success on Produce 48 last year, sent six trainees this year. They played a mashup of “BTD (Before The Dawn)” by INFINITE and “Pop” by N Sync. One member slipped on the back of the stage during the song, which was something he had a bad dream about the night before. Hwang Yun-seong, who was asked to do a dance, earned a B, the highest mark out of the label. Cha Jun-ho earned a C, with the rest getting D’s or X’s.

Produce X 101 Showcases International Talent

This episode had an emphasis on the international talent that is on the show. Talent from Chadelier Music, JH1 and HONGYI all performed next, with performers that come from many different countries (Japan, China, Canada & Thailand). PEAK from Thailand performed “Love Shot” by EXO and got a D. Jun Uehara from JH1 also got a D, performing “Oasis” by Crush. The duo from HONGYI played “Growl” by EXO, with Tony being asked to perform by himself afterwards. When Tony was awarded an A, he broke down in tears, admitting that he expected to be given an X. Wei Zi Yue got a C.

Around Us Entertainment played next. They are a label which was founded by the boy group Highlight. The first song they performed “Dopeboy” by Nafla, then transitioned into “Please Don’t Be Sad” by Highlights. They were given positive reviews, with two of the three getting an A. The third got a B.

Golden Boy Kim Min-gyu Isn’t Favoured

Jellyfish Entertainment performed next. It included #1 rank at the time Kim Min-gyu. Before the song, he re-created a scene from the K-Drama “Sky Castle.” The song they played was “Love Equation” by VIXX. To people’s shock, Min-gyu was given an X while his partner Choi Jun-seong got a B. Speaking of Sky Castle, actor from the show Lee Eugene came in next as ann individual trainee. He performed “Spring Breeze” by Wanna One and got an X. He was very humble about it, saying he was happy to be there and that he would try to improve.

YG Entertainment performed had two trainees that performed “Good Boy” by GD and Taeyang. The trainers were critical of their singing, giving a C and a D. Four individual trainees went next, performing “DNA” by BTS. Choi Su-hwan was highlighted, mentioning how he has auditioned 30-40 times for things but hasn’t been accepted before. Their performance went really well, with A’s and B’s being handed out.

Already Debuting Idols On The Show

The final two televised performances were from Plan A Entertainment and TOP Media. These two auditions included idols from the already debuted groups VICTON and UP10TION. As expected, both groups did well. Plan A members both got an A after performing “Save ME” by BTS, and TOP Media trainees got a B after singing “No More Perfume On You” by TEEN TOP.

The Trainees Move In

After the evaluations, everyone from the grades above X moved into their dormitory. They roomed with people of a similar ranking. They picked up their uniforms, and then came back to the studio the next day to learn the title track for the show “X1-MA.” They were told they had three days to learn the song before they have their second grade evaluation. Choi Su-hwan was given credit during their practicing for having strong vocals.

While this happened, the X group was moved to a separate location where they were to be given personal training sessions, focusing more on the basics. This wasn’t unveiled in the show up until now. Before then the show implied that people would either be sent home temporarily or for good.

Learning “X1-MA”

The next day, trainers came in to help the trainees with vocals and dancing. The B group was scolded after they struggled with the lyrics. D grade saw huge improvements with their choreo over the course of the days, although Ham Won-jin seemed to be falling behind. Song Hyeong-jun was declared the leader for group X during a practice session. This made him feel guilty later when the group struggled. He broke down in tears after trainer Choi Young-joon left during the session. He was consoled by his peers and continued to work hard. The trainer walked back in after hearing how hard they were working. It seemed like the X class were bonding while learning.

The episode concluded as the final evaluation was beginning. We saw a performance from Tony and Kim Dong-yoon, where both of them struggled. That will be one of the focuses of the third and final episode.

Rankings After Episode 2

The rankings this week put Kim Yo-han in the #1 spot. He was third last week, earning an A grade on the first episode. Kim Min-gyu is in third after being in first on the first episode. Yoo Geun-min went from 101st to 77th, with the last place person being Won Hyuk in 99th.

I’d like to thank Jacob from the Truly Daebak podcast for designing the Produce X 101 Recap logo. They covered the Yun Seo-bin controversy on their podcast this week.

Full Rankings

Week 2 Rank Name Grade Company Week 1 Rank
1 Kim Yo-han A OUI Entertainment 3
2 Lee Eun-sang A BrandNew Music 14
3 Kim Min-gyu X Jellyfish Entertainment 1
4 Nam Do-hyon A MBK Entertainment 37
5 Song Yu-vin A Music Works 17
6 Son Dong-pyo B DSP Media 6
7 Kim Woo-seok B TOP Media 5
8 Park Sun-ho B sidusHQ 36
9 Koo Jung-mo X Starship Entertainment 2
10 Song Hyeong-jun X Starship Entertainment 9
11 Cha Jun-ho C Woollim Entertainment 4
12 Lee Eugene X Individual Trainee 7
13 Kim Kook-heon A Music Works 29
14 Lee Se-jin X iME Korea 8
15 Ham Won-jin D Starship Entertainment 19
16 Kim Dong-bin B MLD Entertainment 18
17 Kim Si-hun B BrandNew Music 43
18 Yun Jung-hwan A BrandNew Music 58
19 Lee Jin-woo C Maroo Entertainment 10
20 Kang Min-hee X Starship Entertainment 11
21 Kim Dong-yoon D Woollim Entertainment 15
22 Han Gi-chan X Fantagio 16
23 Hong Seong-jun B BrandNew Music 53
24 Hwang Yun-seong B Woollim Entertainment 13
25 Choi Byung-chan A Plan A Entertainment 20
26 Keum Dong-hyun B C9 Entertainment 23
27 Kim Hyun-bin D Source Music 28
28 Lee Han-gyul C MBK Entertainment 41
29 Kang Seok-hwa C Individual Trainee 21
30 Lee Mi-dam B AAP.Y 32
31 Joo Chan-guk D Woollim Entertainment 24
32 Baek Jin B VINE Entertainment 30
33 Kim Sung-hyun C Stone Music Entertainment 22
34 Yuri B ESteem 33
35 Lee Jin-hyuk B TOP Media 38
36 Moon Hyun-bin D Starship Entertainment 27
37 Wang Jyun Hao C YG Entertainment 42
38 Moon Jun-ho X Woollim Entertainment 25
39 Han Seung-woo A Plan A Entertainment 39
40 Nam Dong-hyun A The South 45
41 Cho Seung-youn B Yuehua Entertainment 67
42 Peak D Chandelier Music 34
43 Wei Zi Yue C HONGYI Entertainment 31
44 Tony A HONGYI Entertainment 55
45 Mahiro Hidaka D YG Entertainment 47
46 Kwon Hee-jun X Cre.ker Entertainment 44
47 Lee Tae-seung X Maroo Entertainment 26
48 Lee Hyeop C Individual Trainee 40
49 Lee Hwan B DSP Media 46
50 Kim Yeong-sang D MBK Entertainment 93
51 Jeon Hyun-woo B Astory Entertainment 35
52 Kim Sung-yeon C Individual Trainee 54
53 Anzardi Timothee X ESteem 49
54 Kim Min-seo X Woollim Entertainment 48
55 Kim Jin-gon X ESteem 61
56 Choi Su-hwan A Individual Trainee 56
57 Kwon Tae-eun X A_CONIC 74
58 Lee Ha-min A Individual Trainee 50
59 Kang Hyeon-su A AAP.Y 79
60 Woo Je-won A Around Us Entertainment 63
61 Jung Young-bin B Individual Trainee 62
62 Tsai Chai Hao D Source Music 57
63 Choi Jun-seong B Jellyfish Entertainment 59
64 Park Jin-yeol C Individual Trainee 64
65 Lee Jun-hyuk C DSP Media 68
66 Jeong Jae-hun A Around Us Entertainment 65
67 Byeon Seong-tae D Urban Media Works 60
68 Hwang Geum-ryul C Yuehua Entertainment 66
69 Jung Myung-hoon B AAP.Y 90
70 Choi Si-hyuk B Around Us Entertainment 69
71 Lee Woo-jin X Maroo Entertainment 52
72 Steven KIm X DS Entertainment 70
73 Won Hyun-sik C Happy Face Entertainment 72
74 Song Chang-ha D Kiwi Media Group 71
75 Kim Kwan-woo D Krazy Entertainment 80
76 Oh Sae-bom C NEST Entertainment 99
77 Yoo Geun-min C Million Market 101
78 Kim Dong-kyu C Urban Media Works 76
79 Kim Hyeong-min D Kiwi Media Group 97
80 Kim Seung-hwan X ESteem 81
81 Yun Hyun-jo X Gost Entertainment 98
82 Sung Min-seo D SF Entertainment 92
83 Lee Won-jun B E Entertainment 77
84 Park Yoon-sol C NEST Entertainment 82
85 Yoon Min-gook D Source Music 96
86 Kim Jun-jae X Think About Entertainment 87
87 Kim Min-seo D Urban Media Works 89
88 Lee Jae-bin B C9 Entertainment 73
89 Heo Jin-ho C Astory Entertainment 94
90 Lee Sang-ho X Gost Entertainment 95
91 Lim Da-hun C Kiwi Media Group 100
92 Choi Jin-hwa A WUZO Entertainment 75
93 Yu Seong-jun X Yuehua Entertainment 78
94 Choi Byung-hoon D Enfant Terrible Company 91
95 Park Sion X Plasma Entertainment 84
96 Jun Uehara D JH1 88
97 Lee Gyu-hyung C WM Entertainment 85
98 Hong Sung-hyeon B Urban Media Works 86
99 Won Hyuk B E Entertainment 83
Left Yoon Seo-bin C JYP Entertainment 12
Left Im Si-u D Individual Trainee 51

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