Produce X 101 Episode Four

Produce X 101 Episode Four: Conclusion of The “Group X Battles”

Produce X 101 episode four focused on the rest of the “Group X Battles,” the last chance that some trainees had before the first elimination stage, which is on the next episode. On the episode before we the two groups covering EXO songs face off, along with the first of BTS performances. This week we saw the 13 other performances. It is worth noting that the winning teams get 3,000 extra votes added to their ranking next week.

A Recap of Produce X 101 Episode Four

“No More Dream” vs Blood Sweat and Tears”

Last week we saw the performance of the song “No More Dream.” The other BTS song that was covered was “Blood Sweat and Tears.” During the vocal class prior to the performance, Park Yoon-sol was scolded for having weak vocals. This caused a switch in the center position, making Moon Hyun-bin become the new center because of his more reliable singing. Their performance went well but lost by over double the amount of votes. The most voted for was Kim Hyun-bin, with 285 votes.

Group 1 (No More Dream) Votes Position Votes Group 2 (Blood Sweat and Tears)
Hong Sung-hyun 113 Main Rapper 51 Lee Won-jun
Steven Kim 75 Sub Rapper 1 32 Lee Hwan
Kim Hyun-bin 285 Sub Rapper 2 14 Yun Hyun-jo
Won Hyun-sik 32 Vocal 1 27 Jeong Young-bin
Kim Sung-yeon 80 Vocal 2 59 Moon Hyun-bin
Lee Sang-ho 12 Vocal 3 54 Park Yoon-sol
597 237


“Trespass” vs. “Dramarama”

The two Monsta X cover groups went next. The group covering “DRAMARAMA” were one of the many on this episode coached by Monsta X member Jooheon by surprise. The group’s dance practice went well, with Kim Kwan-woo looking like the star of the group. The “Trespass” group had trouble with the dance and were told that they were the worst team so far. Wei Yi Zue’s trouble forgetting his parts were highlighted. They ended up winning, with Zi Yue having a pretty good chunk of the live crowd on his side.

Group 1 (Trespass) Votes Position Votes Group 2 (Dramarama)
Yoon Min-guk 39 Main Vocal 15 Choi Jun-sang
Wei Zi Yue 218 Sub Vocal 1 66 Oh Sae-bom
Lee Gyu-hyung 30 Sub Vocal 2 84 Nam Dong-hyun
Lee Yoo-jin 111 Sub Vocal 3 56 Yoo Gun-min
Yoo Sung-joon 27 Rapper 1 27 Kim Kwan-woo
Jeong Jae-hoon 36 Rapper 2 35 Kim Dong-gyu
461 283


“Adore U” vs. “Clap”

Seventeen’s “Adore U” and “Clap” were the next two covered songs. For “Adore U,” the member of the group Park Sun-ho made Jooheon emotional as they trained together in the past. Choi Jin-hwa worked better as a center so he replaced Wang Jyun Hao. Despite being the leader for his group, Jin-hwa got the least amount of votes out of everyone on his team. The group for “Clap” had trouble learning the dance routine. Ham Won-jin practiced saying “Clap!” extensively because he was told he wasn’t enthusiastic enough. “Clap” won this face-off, with Ham Won-jin and Kim Dong-yoon getting tons of votes.

Group 1 (Adore U) Votes Position Votes Group 2 (Clap)
Jeon Hyun-woo 30 Main Vocal 18 Lee Hyeop
Wang Jyun Hao 50 Sub Vocal 1 57 Kwon Tae-eun
Park Sun-ho 27 Sub Vocal 2 56 Kim Jin-gon
Moon Jun-ho 21 Sub Vocal 3 164 Ham Won-jin
Song Chang-ha 87 Rapper 1 78 Nam Do-hyon
Choi Jin-hwa 18 Rapper 2 171 Kim Dong-yoon
233 544


“Energetic” vs. “Light”

A success story of Produce, Wanna One, was covered next. A sad story was shared during the “Energetic” group’s training time. Anzardi Timothee talked about how he’s been distracted since the show has started because his grandmother passed away shortly before he left for the show. For “Light,” Jun Uehara was doing lots of high notes. The “Energetic” group had lots of fan favorites, with three members going above the 100 vote count. This gave them an easy victory.

Group 1 (Energetic) Votes Position Votes Group 2 (Light)
Jeong Myung-hoon 113 Main Vocal 80 Kim Kook-heon
Woo Je-won 39 Sub Vocal 1 17 Kang Hyun-soo
Anzardi Timothee 27 Sub Vocal 2 38 Byun Seong-tae
Peak 56 Sub Vocal 3 15 Kim Hyun-min
Sub Vocal 4 135 Choi Byung-chan
Lee Jun-hyuk 173 Rapper 1 101 Kim Sung-hyun
Won Hyuk 174 Rapper 2 70 Yuri
582 219


“Girls Girls Girls” vs. “Lullaby”

The performances from the two GOT7 groups were easily the most interesting on the episode. During the performance of “Lullaby,” the group’s main vocalist Song Yu-bin’s mic pack disconnected, ruining the performance. Afterward, a fellow member of Yu-bin’s label, Kim Kook-heon came out and was sobbing, telling people about how hard working with Yu-bin is. After the two teams talked backstage, they agreed that the “Lullaby” team could get a second chance to perform. Their second chance went without any major issues. The other group performed “Girls Girls Girls,” with Kang Hyeon-soo being described as an ace of the team. The “Girls Girls Girls” team won with Choi Byung-chan and Kim Sung-hyun doing the heavy lifting.

Group 1 (Girls Girls Girls) Votes Position Votes Group 2 (Lullaby)
Kim Kook-heon 80 Main Vocal 89 Song Yu-bin
Kang Hyun-soo 17 Sub Vocal 1 9 Lee Ha-min
Byun Seong-tae 38 Sub Vocal 2 66 Choi Soo-hwan
Kim Hyun-min 15 Sub Vocal 3 59 Joo Chang-wook
Choi Byung-chan 135 Sub Vocal 4 39 Yoon Jeong-hwan
Kim Sung-hyun 101 Rapper 1 51 Baek Jin
Yuri 70 Rapper 2 19 Hwang Geum-ryul
463 331


“Where You At” vs. “Dejavu”

Two groups that covered NU’EST W’s music went next. After the first group performed “Deja Vu,” member Kim Min-seo got emotional while describing how it might be his last performance. The group that played “Where You At” had trouble with some of the notes when practicing. By quite a huge margin, the group for “Where You At” defeated “Dejavu.”

Group 1 (Where You At) Votes Position Votes Group 2 (Dejavu)
Lee Tae-seung 128 Main Vocal 51 Kim Min-seo
Heo Jin-ho 59 Sub Vocal 1 8 Im Da-hun
Park Si-On 23 Sub Vocal 2 15 Choi Byung-hoon
Kim Min-seo 95 Sub Vocal 3 26 Kim Young-sang
Sung Min-seo 56 Rapper 1 18 Kim Jun-jae
Lee Woo-jin 227 Rapper 2 26 Kim Seung-hwan
588 144


“The 7th Sense” vs. “Boss”

The final performances of the episode were of NCT U songs. The first NCT U song, “The 7th Sense” had trouble with their rap and dancing at first. Jooheon said they lacked confidence when they rapped, and Bae Yoon-jeong was very critical of them. They practiced a lot and improved before performance time. The “Boss” team was basically set to win, with it being the “Avengers” that Son Dong-pyo drafted on the episode before. Kim Yo-han was worried about being given a rap part because he is a vocalist, but when he rapped in front of the trainers he absolutely killed his verse. Yo-han cried after the performance because of how they all helped each other out. “Boss” won by another longshot, with Kim Yo-han getting 170 votes, and Cha Jun-ho getting 102.

Group 1 (The 7th Sense) Votes Position Votes Group 2 (Boss)
Kim Dong-bin 27 Main Rapper 170 Kim Yo-han
Lee Jin-woo 36 Sub Rapper 1 48 Lee Eun-sang
Song Hyeong-jun 45 Sub Rapper 2 93 Lee Jin-hyuk
Koo Jung-mo 45 Vocal 1 99 Han Seung-woo
Kim Min-gyu 78 Vocal 2 54 Son Dong-pyo
Lee Mi-dam 17 Vocal 3 102 Cha Jun-ho
248 566


This Episode’s Influence on The Next

At the end of the episode, people looked at their ranks and thought about the cut-off for the first elimination round. It was also unveiled that the group with the highest score would do a special performance on music show “M! Countdown.” The group that got this opportunity was the one that performed BTS’ “No More Dream,” as they received 597 votes. Individually, Kim Hyun-bin was the most voted for in this activity.

Next week the first wave of trainees will be eliminated from the show. There was no ranking this week, but if you want to see last week’s it’s available on the episode three recap.

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