Produce X 101 Episode Four

Produce X 101 Episode Three: Time To Hit The Stage

Produce X 101 episode three saw the re-evaluation of all 100 trainees, the performance of the title track “X1-MA,” and the start of the group performances. A lot happened in the episode, so let’s begin.

A Look At Produce X 101 Episode Three

Re-Evaluation Begins

The show started with the re-evaluation of grades for the trainees. This gave them the chance to improve their first grade with a performance of the song “X1-MA.” The grade matters as it determines where they will be placed during the music video for the song. It was unveiled that the grades this time around would be A, B, C, D, F and X. People who placed in X would not be seen in the music video.

The X group, despite being the most improved, seemed very sad at the start of the episode. They did not want to stay in the X group after the evaluation. After the evaluation was finished, there were only two X group members left. There was Lee Sang-ho, who was in X before, and Yoon Seo-bin, who was in C. Seo-bin wasn’t recognized on the broadcast because of his recent departure from the program due to controversy.

When X members moved to other grades this shocked the trainees since it was a secret kept from them that the X trainees were still on the show. Among some of the biggest movers was Ham Won-jin and Kim Hyun-bin, who went from D to A. Highest ranked member Kim Yo-han dropped from A to C.

“X1-MA” Video Shoot

After the grades were decided, the trainees went to the set of the “X1-MA” performance. The large stage shocked the trainees. The stage is in the shape of an X, with the middle of it rising up. They had to find a center for the song, with the contenders being Son Dong-pyo, Kim Si-hun,and Kim Woo-seok. It was decided that Dong-pyo would take the position. Being center makes you the center of attention, for the better or for the worse. It ended up being for the better for Dong-pyo, although he was picked apart during the rehearsals for struggling with the choreo.

The “Group X Battles”

The episode concluded with the start of the “Group X Battles.” Trainees drafted a team of 12-14 members and then picked an artist to cover. Their choices were EXO, BTS, GOT7, MONSTA X, NCT U, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST W, and Wanna One. Son Dong-pyo formed his version of the “Avengers,” which is a callback to seasons prior when an Avengers team was made. What he and many others didn’t yet realize was that these groups would be pitted against each other. For each group, there were two songs, with the members being split for each one. The group that got the most votes individually from the studio audience would win the challenge.

“MAMA” Versus “Love Shot”

Out of the 16 performances, we saw the first three on this episode. The two EXO groups performed, with their songs being “Mama” and “Love Shot.” The group that performed “Mama” struggled with the choreography. They were coached by Bae Yoon-jeong, who has been known for scolding trainees in seasons before. When they first danced, Kang Seok-hwa stood still as he didn’t know the dance. They had these struggles but in the end, their performance went well. It’s worth noting that “Mama” is a 2012 song while “Love Shot” only came out five months ago.


Group 1 (MAMA) Votes Position Votes Group 2 (Love Shot)
Yoon Seo-bin 62 Main Vocal 77 Cho Seung-youn
Kang Seok-hwa 30 Sub Vocal 1 53 Lee Han-gyul
Tony 24 Sub Vocal 2 5 Hong Seong-jun
Hwang Yoon-seong 99 Sub Vocal 3 87 Lee Se-jin
Kang Min-hee 56 Sub Vocal 4 210 Kim Woo-seok
Mahiro Hidaka 8 Rapper 1 50 Keum Dong-hyun
Han Gi-chan 48 Rapper 2 35 Kim Si-hun


“No More Dream” Performance

We saw the “No More Dream” group for BTS before the episode came to a close. In their training, they struggled with the rap-heavy song. Cheetah did not look content in the rehearsal room. They said that Kim Hyun-bin looked out of place because he had more energy than the rest of his group members. Like everyone else who struggled in training, their performance went over well. The result of their performance isn’t known as the group that performed “Blood Sweat and Tears” will be shown in the next episode.

A Full Look At The Rankings So Far

Week 3 Rank Name Initial Grade Final Grade Company Week 2 Rank Week 1 Rank
1 Kim Yo-han A C OUI Entertainment 1 3
2 Kim Min-gyu X D Jellyfish Entertainment 3 1
3 Lee Eun-sang A C BrandNew Music 2 14
4 Song Hyeong-jun X D Starship Entertainment 10 9
5 Nam Do-hyon A D MBK Entertainment 4 37
6 Kim Woo-seok B A TOP Media 7 5
7 Son Dong-pyo B A DSP Media 6 6
8 Song Yu-vin A A Music Works 5 17
9 Koo Jung-mo X F Starship Entertainment 9 2
10 Park Sun-ho B B sidusHQ 8 36
11 Cha Jun-ho C C Woollim Entertainment 11 4
12 Ham Won-jin D A Starship Entertainment 15 19
13 Lee Se-jin X F iME Korea 14 8
14 Lee Jin-woo C B Maroo Entertainment 19 10
15 Kim Kook-heon A A Music Works 13 29
16 Lee Eugene X F Individual Trainee 12 7
17 Kim Dong-bin B C MLD Entertainment 16 18
18 Kang Min-hee X D Starship Entertainment 20 11
19 Kim Si-hun B A BrandNew Music 17 43
20 Choi Byung-chan A A Plan A Entertainment 25 20
21 Tony A F HONGYI Entertainment 44 55
22 Hwang Yun-seong B D Woollim Entertainment 24 13
23 Yun Jung-hwan A B BrandNew Music 18 58
24 Choi Su-hwan A A Individual Trainee 56 56
25 Han Gi-chan X C Fantagio 22 16
26 Kim Dong-yoon D B Woollim Entertainment 21 15
27 Yuri B D ESteem 34 33
28 Lee Han-gyul C D MBK Entertainment 28 41
29 Kim Hyun-bin D A Source Music 27 28
30 Keum Dong-hyun B C C9 Entertainment 26 23
31 Wei Zi Yue C F HONGYI Entertainment 43 31
32 Lee Jin-hyuk B A TOP Media 35 38
33 Hong Seong-jun B F BrandNew Music 23 53
34 Han Seung-woo A A Plan A Entertainment 39 39
35 Kang Seok-hwa C B Individual Trainee 29 21
36 Lee Mi-dam B C AAP.Y 30 32
37 Joo Chan-guk D B Woollim Entertainment 31 24
38 Cho Seung-youn B B Yuehua Entertainment 41 67
39 Kim Sung-hyun C C Stone Music Entertainment 33 22
40 Choi Jun-seong B D Jellyfish Entertainment 63 59
41 Moon Hyun-bin D A Starship Entertainment 36 27
42 Baek Jin B F VINE Entertainment 32 30
43 Lee Won-jun B D E Entertainment 83 77
44 Moon Jun-ho X F Woollim Entertainment 38 25
45 Nam Dong-hyun A C The South 40 45
46 Wang Jyun Hao C F YG Entertainment 37 42
47 Lee Tae-seung X F Maroo Entertainment 47 26
48 Kim Min-seo X F Woollim Entertainment 54 48
49 Park Yoon-sol C A NEST Entertainment 84 82
50 Kwon Hee-jun X F Cre.ker Entertainment 46 44
51 Peak D D Chandelier Music 42 34
52 Lee Hyeop C C Individual Trainee 48 40
53 Mahiro Hidaka D D YG Entertainment 45 47
54 Lee Woo-jin X F Maroo Entertainment 71 52
55 Woo Je-won A B Around Us Entertainment 60 63
56 Kim Sung-yeon C B Individual Trainee 52 54
57 Won Hyuk B D E Entertainment 99 83
58 Kim Yeong-sang D F MBK Entertainment 50 93
59 Jeong Jae-hun A C Around Us Entertainment 66 65
60 Lee Hwan B B DSP Media 49 46
61 Anzardi Timothee X F ESteem 53 49
62 Jung Young-bin B B Individual Trainee 61 62
63 Jeon Hyun-woo B B Astory Entertainment 51 35
64 Oh Sae-bom C C NEST Entertainment 76 99
65 Kim Jin-gon X D ESteem 55 61
66 Kwon Tae-eun X F A_CONIC 57 74
67 Lee Ha-min A B Individual Trainee 58 50
68 Yoo Geun-min C D Million Market 77 101
69 Kang Hyeon-su A A AAP.Y 59 79
70 Byeon Seong-tae D D Urban Media Works 67 60
71 Jung Myung-hoon B C AAP.Y 69 90
72 Tsai Chai Hao D D Source Music 62 57
73 Park Jin-yeol C C Individual Trainee 64 64
74 Choi Si-hyuk B C Around Us Entertainment 70 69
75 Lee Jun-hyuk C A DSP Media 65 68
76 Won Hyun-sik C D Happy Face Entertainment 73 72
77 Hwang Geum-ryul C B Yuehua Entertainment 68 66
78 Song Chang-ha D C Kiwi Media Group 74 71
79 Steven KIm X D DS Entertainment 72 70
80 Kim Kwan-woo D D Krazy Entertainment 75 80
81 Choi Jin-hwa A D WUZO Entertainment 92 75
82 Jun Uehara D C JH1 96 88
83 Kim Seung-hwan X F ESteem 80 81
84 Kim Dong-kyu C B Urban Media Works 78 76
85 Park Sion X F Plasma Entertainment 95 84
86 Lee Gyu-hyung C C WM Entertainment 97 85
87 Kim Jun-jae X F Think About Entertainment 86 87
88 Hong Sung-hyeon B C Urban Media Works 98 86
89 Kim Hyeong-min D C Kiwi Media Group 79 97
90 Yun Hyun-jo X F Gost Entertainment 81 98
91 Lee Jae-bin B C C9 Entertainment 88 73
92 Sung Min-seo D D SF Entertainment 82 92
93 Heo Jin-ho C B Astory Entertainment 89 94
94 Kim Min-seo D B Urban Media Works 87 89
95 Yu Seong-jun X F Yuehua Entertainment 93 78
96 Lee Sang-ho X X Gost Entertainment 90 95
97 Choi Byung-hoon D F Enfant Terrible Company 94 91
98 Lim Da-hun C D Kiwi Media Group 91 100
99 Yoon Min-gook D B Source Music 85 96
Left Yoon Seo-bin C X JYP Entertainment Left 12
Left Im Si-u D Individual Trainee Left 51

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