Re-watching and Analyzing MCU Movies: Thor

Welcome back to another part of our Re-watching and Analyzing of the MCU. Today’s movie is the fourth movie in the series, also known as Thor. It ranked 15th in the Pre-watch rankings due to the lack of overall action. So, let’s analyze how it was the second time through.

MCU Movie Re-watch and Analysis: Thor

The Good


Loki is one of the best characters in the entire MCU so it is no surprise he shines in this movie. There were many villains in the movie, but Loki appears to be the main one. The endless cycle of never really knowing what he is thinking is great. It keeps the audience on their feet and keeps them wanting to know what he is up to.

When it comes to character development, it is well done. The development through the movie and overall feeling that Loki never thought he belonged are very well done. It is no secret that he continually shows up in future movies. His mysterious personality and trickery are to thank for that. The development of Loki and the character itself is a huge benefit for Thor.


Once again, always a pleasure to see while in the MCU, Heimdall was a cool character. While he didn’t have the biggest addition to the movie, everything he did was great. From the way he handled his duty to the love he had for Thor and also Loki, Heimdall is one of the better-written characters in this movie.

Idris Elba plays the calm and collected character perfectly. Always seeming to know what is right, Heimdall brings a much-needed presence into this movie. It’s too bad the MCU couldn’t find a bigger role for Elba as he wanted.

The Bad

Thor On Earth

Now for the bad. Thor’s entire time spent on Earth was a big letdown in this movie. This is a huge issue because he spends a massive amount of time on Earth. One of the best parts of the Thor character is his and how he can fight anyone with his hammer and seemingly endless power. So, it was boring to watch him stumble around on Earth doing nothing of much importance.

Yes, the lessons learned were valuable for Thor, however, it just felt like maybe the time spent on Earth could have been cut down. Without this maybe not as much development between Thor and Jane could happen but that brings us to the next point.

Thor and Jane

This relationship was one of the more forced ones there is in the MCU. Everything about it in the whole series is poorly done. In this movie, the two fell in love after a very short time together which started by Jane thinking Thor was crazy.

This was a massive part of the movie and it just wasn’t interesting. There was barely any reason for it to happen other than for Thor to want to visit Earth again after the bridge gets destroyed. Overall it was one of the main reasons that the movie itself seemed dull.

A love interest set up a second movie and also drove the plot forward, but almost no one would rather see Thor and Jane flirting vs Thor fighting hoards of enemies.

The Destroyer

The Destroyer is the massive robot-like creature Thor fights on Earth. This is pretty much the only action we see on Earth and it was insanely disappointing. Thor pretty easily defeats it after he becomes worthy once again which is the sad part. It is hyped up to be this last line of defense earlier in the movie when it protects Asgard from Frost Giants.

However, on Earth, Thor easily defeats it so he can go back to Asgard as soon as he can. It also was flawed logistically which doesn’t need to be looked at as much here but we will do it anyways.

For starters, it could have killed Thor and his friends many times. This isn’t even like a normal superhero movie where the hero at least has powers that could keep them alive. Thor didn’t have his hammer and couldn’t fly or anything. Yet the Destroyer didn’t kill him.

The other somewhat confusing part was if Loki could see what was happening or could control the Destroyer or not. It kept cutting back to Loki but never actually explained how it worked. All of this made for a pretty disappointing scene.


Overall this movie was largely not entertaining. It is a likely candidate to fall on the list due to the lack of good things in the movie. As well as the fact that most of the movie is Thor on Earth which wasn’t even a little bit exciting.

In terms of re-watch-ability, it feels pretty low. There just were no small things that made it fun to watch again and when the movie itself is also boring that is a very bad combo.

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