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FFBE STMR Moogle: 10+1 of the Best Limited Units to Use it On

Many Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) players are excited to finally get their hands on their first-ever Super Trust Master (STMR) Moogle. These are invaluable items that will let the player obtain an extremely powerful piece of equipment or materia – so long as they at least have a 7* version of the character attached to the particular STMR. For most, limited-time units are the best to turn to, since usually, these are characters that are only obtainable once a year at the most. Plus, their STMRs seem to be some of the best in the game as it. Here are ten (plus one) of the best options for limited characters to use their Moogle on.

For those that don’t have any limited units they feel are worth their Moogle, click here.

10+1 of the Best Limited Units to Use FFBE STMR Moogles On


Attack: Bahamut Tear – Arngrim

Most people will go with the sexy choice for their STMR Moogle. They’ll want something that will boost their best unit’s attack. Well, those that love Esther should look no further than Bahamut Tear from Arngrim. The weapon didn’t know when it was released, but it was basically made for her. It is a two-handed, lightning element weapon with 165 attack. That alone is almost reason enough to grab it. But, what really sells it is that it also increases Limit Burst (LB) damage by 30 percent. Esther basically runs on LB damage.

Magic: Fifth Nirvana – Qin

Interestingly enough, there aren’t a ton of notable magic equipment pieces that warrant an STMR Moogle. An intriguing weapon though, is Fifth Nirvana, Qin’s STMR. This one is tricky though, because it is a two-handed harp, and not all magic users can equip instruments. It also nullifies some of the other good materia like Rod Mastery or Dark Bond, staples of magic users.

With magic true doublehand (TDH) on the rise, there are other materia options to increase magic without using rods anyway.

However, it’s ridiculous 195 increase to magic makes it worth it. It also grants some survivability, granting a 30 percent increase to both HP and MP. Finally, it gives the passive State of Nirvana. This increases the unit’s defense and spirit by 200 percent when their HP drops below 40 percent. Not bad at all.

Support: Kryla’s Veil – Kryla

Kryla’s Veil is a piece of equipment players should consider if they feel confident they have their bases covered in attack and magic stats. This a pretty versatile piece of equipment that can go on a player’s buffer, breaker, healer, or even magic tank. The stats are great, with a 35 boost to defense, and a huge 84 boost to spirit. On a hat. And it doesn’t end there. It also gives a nice 20 percent increase to fire, ice, light, and dark. Elemental resistance is becoming more and more important for trial bosses to counteract the huge damage-dealing potential of the units in the game. And dark resistance especially always seems to be in short supply.

Healer: Shortcake – Rena

Rena from the Star Ocean collaboration boasts arguably the best STMR for healers. Shortcake is an accessory that gives 54 flat spirit, along with another 10 percent spirit increase. It also nulls all status ailments, something that is vital for any white mage. The ability Well-Fed also increases MP by 5 percent and gives two LB stones per turn. Rena herself is a powerhouse of a healer, slapping this accessory on her, or any other unit will make them almost unstoppable

Versatile: Sophia’s Hairpin – Sophia

Sophia’s Hairpin also comes from the Star Ocean collaboration. This is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that goes just as well on a white mage as a black mage. It gives both magic and spirit increases of 60, and an additional 30 percent fire resistance. For those that like using Sophia, it also gives her another 50 percent magic increase. A unit like Beryl would love to get their hands on this piece of equipment.


Attack: Gentle Traitor – A2

Gentle Traitor might be the top choice for people who have A2 at 7*. People that have one copy should seriously consider dropping the 5,000 trust coins to get her prism, awaken her to 7*, and use their STMR Moogle on this. For one, there aren’t a lot of options for big attack increases for greatswords. The new Eggsterminator trial gave a 60 percent one, but aside from that, Jecht’s Awkward Fatherly Love was probably the best large sword materia, giving 50 percent along with 20 percent HP/MP. This one gives a full 80 percent attack increase when equipped with a large sword, along with 50 percent physical and magic damage increase to machines. This can even be slapped on player’s magic dealers when going against mechanical monsters.

Attack: Executioner – 2B

Executioner is just as well as Gentle Traitor for those using dual-wielding characters. It is a little more versatile, giving a 40 percent increase to attack with either swords, katanas, or spears. Oddly enough, it doesn’t include great swords or fists, which were weapons from NieR Automata. Instead of machines, this one deals 50 percent more physical and magic damage to humans.

Attack: Heart’s Light – Sora

Heart’s Light is another great STMR to go after for those units who are dual wielders. Don’t forget that characters like CG Lightning are going to bring back dual wielders with a vengeance. Heart’s Light gives a healthy 70 percent increase to attack, and an additional 20 percent to equipment attack when dual wielding. Don’t forget though, that at some point, the 20 percent TDW should be increased to match the Japanese version’s 50 percent.

Attack: Secret of Mana – Randi

Secret of Mana is a newer STMR, so it isn’t surprising that it is one of the more overpowered pieces of materia out there. It starts off by giving players a flat 60 percent boost to attacks, and then a nice 15 percent increase to HP and MP. But wait, there is more! Characters equipped with this materia can get another 20 percent when equipped with a sword, and a 30 percent boost to esper’s bonus stats. This will help with those pesky stat caps. Players who are still happy with their 7* Randi will want to keep one this in mind

Spirit: Everlasting Kindness – Chow

This is another STMR that is really overpowered. Everlasting Kindness, from everyone’s favorite doggo, Chow, is great for either magic tanks or healers. It gives a 20 percent boost to both HP and MP, but then a whopping 80 percent boost to spirit when equipped with a robe. It won’t be too difficult for a lot of units to reach the spirit cap with Chow’s STMR.

Defense: Marchenko’s Secrets – Viktor Marchenko

Marchenko’s Secrets is basically Chow’s STMR, but for physical tanks. It gives and 80 percent increase to defense when equipped with heavy armor. But that isn’t all. It also grants immunity to sleep, paralyze, confuse, and petrify. These are basically the worst status effects for tanks, so it covers all bases. With there not being much materia to increase defense, this one might be the best option for those that love beefy tanks.

Magic: Mother’s Return – Elly

Mother’s Return doesn’t seem like it is very special at first glance. It gives a 60 percent increase to magic when equipped with a rod. But, there still isn’t a lot of magic materia that gives more than this. So, if this was it alone, it would almost be reasonable. However, it isn’t. Elly’s STMR also grants an unheard-of 60 percent resistance to four elements: fire, water, wind, and earth. This is a piece of materia that might not exclusively see action on magic users.

Magic: Winter Child – Christine

Winter Child is a less often seen STMR on units, especially since most prefer to go TDH over TDW. Well, the facts are that dual-wielding magic-users just doesn’t offer as much good gear to choose from, so that is one reason. However, Christine’s STMR is one of the only options out there. It starts out with a nice 50 percent increase to magic. From there, units are given an additional 30 percent equipment magic when dual wielding. A nice bonus is its 30 percent boost to ice resistance as well. This will come in handy for some trials, like the impending Scorn of the Fallen Ice Bird

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