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FFBE: 10+1 Non-Limited STMRs Worth Using Your Super Trust Moogle On

Super Trust Master Reward (STMR) Moogles are finally here. But these aren’t anything like regular Trust Master (TMR) Moogles. These are extremely rare. Most would prefer to use them on a limited time unit, since pulling four copies of a limited 5* base is extremely difficult. However, even pulling two copies can prove a challenge for many players, and they may not have any limited units they feel are worth the investment. Well, here are ten (+1) non-limited STMRs worth using that valuable Moogle on.

For those that prefer to use their Moogle on a limited-time unit, click here.

Non-Limited STMRs to Use Your Super Trust Moogle On


Attack: Luneth’s Clothes

Luneth is one of the oldest 5* base units in the game. But, it still doesn’t mean it is easy to four of him even after all of this time. Still, Luneth’s Clothes are one of the more sought-after non-limited STMRs in the game. Not only does it give a flat 45 boost to attack, but it also grants 30 percent resistance to fire, water, wind and earth elements. This is not only a huge boost to their respective elements, but it allows damage dealers to keep high attack for those pesky trials that require elemental Tetris.

Healer: Ayaka’s Hairpiece

Moving away from one of the oldest, we come to one of the newest STMRs, Ayaka’s Hairpiece, from Kimono Ayaka.  It is a hat with an unheard of 94 spirit, which is higher than a lot of staves in the game. But as if that weren’t enough, it also grants the passive Nature’s Festoon, which increases MP by 20 percent and fills the LB gauge every turn. Finally, it also gives 20 percent light resistance and 38 defense. Any healer or magic tank would love this piece of gear.

Tank: Imperial Armor

Next up on the list is Wilhelm’s Imperial Armor. This is probably one of the most underrated STMRs in the game since most people default to attack and magic increases. However, this one will make almost any tank indestructible. It gives its wearer a 110 increase to both defense and spirit and 20 percent more HP to boot. For players who are comfortable with the damage dealers’ output, Imperial Armor is a great option for that Moogle.

Magic: Amiculum Nigra – Dark Fina

Sticking to the old vein is Dark Fina’s Amiculum Nigra. Dark Fina has been around for a while (literally), and her STMR will still have value for a long time as well. In terms of raw magic, it is still the best robe in the game. It gives 72 defense and 72 spirit along with a 30 percent increase to MP. But, like most STMRs, the fun doesn’t end there. It grants resistance to sleep, paralysis, and grants auto-refresh. The only downside is that it can only be equipped by females. Luckily, most mages are women anyway.

Flexible: Betrothal Ring – Rem

Rem’s STMR, Betrothal Ring, goes just as well on magic users as it does tanks or healers. (Or for the Beryl lovers out there, put it on him). It gives a flat 40 spirit and magic, and an additional 40 percent to both spirit and magic. Sure, there are newer TMRs coming out from units like Vesvia that give one or the other, but as a wise man once said, “why not both?”

Hybrid: Red Hellebore – Karlette

Arguably an even more flexible piece of equipment is Karlette’s STMR, Red Hellebore. It’s a hybrid hat that increases both attack and magic by 60, defense by 29, and MP by 20 percent. Basically, whichever damage dealer you choose – whether magic or attack, is going to want this hat, as the flat 60 increase is top-of-the-line. It gives double the fun for say, Elena, who is a hybrid unit. Since Karlette is a relatively new unit, this could be a good option for more casual players who ended up with a 7* Karlette.


Attack: Twisted Hero – Sephiroth

With all the top-tier katana users out there right now like Zeno of the Beta Star, Akstar, Ellesperis, and even Sephiroth himself, it won’t be difficult to find a use for Twisted Hero. This piece of materia gives a whopping 80 percent attack increase to units, plus an extra 20 percent defense, magic, and spirit when wielding a katana. Throw on something like Auron’s TMR, Legendary Guardian, and hitting the attack cap should not be very difficult with any unit. From there, proceed to melt any trial.

Attack: Loyal General – Beatrix

Unfortunately, one thing the game is still lacking is good magic materia STMRs. So, instead, it’s a lot better to focus on physical damage here. Loyal General is right up there, if not better than Twisted Hero in that regard. Yielding from the legendary Beatrix, Loyal General gives a 50 percent TDH attack boost, or a 10 percent TDW attack boost. Additionally, units get a 50 percent attack increase when using greatswords. It still works best for units that go with TDH but is one of few TDW materia at this point in time.

Tank/Support: Beach Girls – Summer Fina and Lid

Coming back to a very new STMR is Beach Girls from Summer Fina and Lid. This is an awesome piece of materia that goes well on tanks, support units, or even healers. Its 50 percent boost to both spirit and defense will make even the squishiest of units more survivable. But, it also boasts a nice 60 percent increase to lightning, water, and light. Slap this on almost any unit!

Versatile: Judge’s Oath

A great Global Exclusive STMR is the might Zargabaath’s Judge’s Oath. This fine piece of materia increases HP, MP, and spirit by 30 percent, and provides an additional 20 percent increase to all elements. While this is useful for basically any unit, the best place to put it is probably on a magic tank, since it provides the HP and spirit they need, along with elemental resistance to further mitigate magic. Combine this with a Rainbow Robe for an instant 50 percent coverage to all elements except dark.

Wild Card

Underrated: Onion Blade – Onion Knight Refia

The +1 of this banner article focuses on Onion Blade, which is Onion Knight Refia’s STMR. On the surface, it only looks like a middling sword, outclassed by even the oldest of STMRs, Omega Weapon. However, it is a bit stronger, and a bit more versatile than it initially seems. Its Master Onion Knight Passive gives a 30 percent boost to attack, magic, defense, and spirit. So, imagine getting the rare ability in Steel Castle Melfikya for it. That right there is a good 50 percent boost to attack.

But, with it easy to hit the attack percentage cap for most damage dealers, it is probably best to focus on the other stat increases of the weapon. The 30 percent defense boost is an excellent start to great stats for tanks. Since there are limited weapons that give any sort of defensive or spirit increases, this can potentially be the best weapon for tanks depending on how Item World goes. Does anyone still use Demon Rain? Watch the magic happen when he equips it.

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